Ammo situation in gears 5

Hi The Coalition,

Could it be possible to add more ammo into horde, I remember that in Gears of War 3 , every round of horde finished they would replinished your ammo back to 300 and if pick up a ammo box it would increase to 600 rounds, could it be possible to do that ?

I mean the enemies on horde feel like bullet sponges and we really need that ammo to make it work.

Thanks in advance.

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Certain characters (JD) burn through ammo, but this is what weapon lockers are for. Have your engineer buy one, and never run out of ammo again.

Also, not sure if you already are, aim for the head. All enemies in Gears 5 has reduced damage/extra life in the body, but headshots generally melt all of them.


The engineer could buy one if people would deposit - but they don’t.

Or if you have a crazed sentry-hero engineer who builds just to get all the kills for themselves, the sniper can build his own (with power he’s hoarded), along with an Embar to put on it, and then everyone would just dump his weapon off it, move it away from him, and store their buzzkills on it. Or perhaps the engineer would decide to move it out into the playing field and get it destroyed because he has no idea you build it with power you saved yourself.

Starting ammo is already reduced and ammo box pickups barely increase your supply. It’s rare not to see people camping on the ammo boxes just before the end of the waves.

I play as all the classes and I’m always out of ammo simply because there’s not enough ammo and people have no idea what it takes to build an actual base. Everyone is busy hoarding power instead - and really, why wouldn’t they? There’s no incentive to deposit.

The lack of ammo is tedious - I’m already limited to a class and now I’m also limited to Enforcers. I can’t recall even finding a Boltok on the ground and the waves with Rejects means even fewer guns lying around.

Ammo is scarce - it really is.

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I find with the ammo situation, the chainsaw is more important than ever. Mainly against mobs that take a lot of ammo to kill and like to rush(Rejects)

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Correct , I mea n I got the idea that you need an Engineer to have lockers so the possibility to run out of ammo its lowered however even still the ammo is very scarce in Gears 5, I shouldnt be able to worry to pop out the heads of the enemies so I can save ammo, I should be able as Gears 4 or Gears 3 to have sufficient amount of ammo from the ammo boxes or they could replinish the amount of ammo once again to full every horde wave.

The game should behave as a Gears of War game in that matter , not like Resident Evil 4 that I have to look for ammo the whole game since I would run out. to make my point clearer .

I would like there to be more than 2 ammo boxes considering they give so little and there’s 5 people on the team.

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I agree with you completely I just hope THE COALITION could see this posts and take action, since I find the game fun however for a Gears of war game the ammo shouldn’t be an issue on this matter, as you said to have like 4 ammo boxes so everyone its happy and we could tackle the Horde EvilJoshy in higher difficulties even.

Gears 5 is the worst game for ammo replenishment. Being a SHOOTING game for most part. It makes the players compete for the ammo box and the team player thing goes out the window. Its every man for him/her self. Even when you do get the ammo box it doesn’t fill your weapon unless you can get it twice. Once before the wave ends and again when the wave starts. If your playing Fahz, the ammo box only gives you 3 of the 15 rounds your rifle can hold. I don’t understand why the developers thought this was a good idea. It sucks the fun out of the game. There are 5 players so there should be 5 ammo boxes that will completely refill your gun. Again IT IS A SHOOTING GAME AFTER ALL.
If you’re lucky enough to have an engineer that gets you a locker you can refill it that way. But every other game you get some fool who thinks that sniper rifle on the locker is for all to use and grabs it, gets killed and now your rifle is gone. Or empties it out and puts it back. Still frustrating. I would love it if they made it so no one can grab your weapon off the locker without permission. That’s why we put skins on them, so everyone knows that’s your weapon. Most people respect but there’s always someone who do not.

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I’ve speak to TC regarding this, however they told me that the ammo issue has been looked after and that if the ammo boxes fully replenish the weapons , what point would it be to have lockers…

I don’t agree with them since being a shooting game ammo shouldnt be locked to an engineer to build lockers… its supposed to have a lot specially horde where kllling things its what its all about.

simple things like that its what I really why I hate GEARS 5 and still play 3 or 4

You forgot to mention that it’s super boring waiting for a weapon in a locker to get back to full ammo.

I mean who wants to wait for Ammo to regen when you could be shooting things?

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hI man @SaffronSnail276

You got that right its the only GOW game in which in order to have bullets you have to wait in line like â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  mcdonalds for a burguer man .

I find it stupid and moronic to have such situation in a shooting game, I mean it should be called by now Gears of AMMO man, i mean its the only thing that people its fighting about , to get ammo from the dispensers or from the ammo boxes with is very few at most.

I don’t know man , it seems that they will never fix the issue… I think we should go back to 4 or 3 , in those games we do have plenty of ammo to shoot into the sky and back.

They shouls rebrand the franchise as Ammo? Where is my Ammo? :smiley:

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I never “wait” for a gun to refill. I have a locker full of guns so when one is empty 3 more are full. Once I empty another and switch to the 3rd the first one is practically full again. By the 4th gun the cycle repeats.

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it shouldn’t work like that am afraid… it should work as gears 4 horde or gears 3, you shouldnt be worried about ammo replenishment… . it should have lots of it without needing to use any “ammo self-serve replenishment device” .

It’s like asking a client to worry if there are enough big macs to sell in a particular mcdonalds… if Im the customer I shouldn’t have to be worried about that… I must be given my burguer and that is man… nothing more nothing less.

If it was a survival game then I wouldn’t have a point. however GOW its a cover based shooting the hell up game… its not meant nor designed to work like that… the only difference its that THE COALITION decided it should work like that and now people don’t wanna play such broken and hearless game.

I’m not saying it’s a good mechanic. I’m just telling you how you can deal with it. I can think of a bunch of things that would improve horde but TC has their hands full with their shop and trying to win back the player basis -.-

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yeah man… instead of being " WHERE’S WALDO " IT SHOULD BE. Gears 5: Where’s my ammo and guns ? … since most of the time people just waste 50 % of their time filling up ammo into the guns instead of figure it out how to kill things…

the game did lose focus on its important parts… they wanted badly to implement the " Hero " on something that already had one… which is Marcus with lots of ammo to kill monsters… period.