Ammo Lockers for Dummies

Been getting a bit frustrated with people not knowing how to use ammo lockers.

I pick up a power weapon and use it till out of ammo, then I put in in the locker to refill ammo. But no… always, another player takes it out not fully loaded… runs around, runs out of ammo and drops it at a random place on the map without putting it back.


Also … don’t put it back in a slot with the same weapon!!! Find an empty slot so we can have two of them!!!

After this much time I would think that nobody would need these things explained to them.

Then they come in here and complain that horde in Gears 5 sucks.

Maybe they should learn how to play first???


Trishots are awsome for headshots in gears 5 horde. I always try to build up a few as Del. I know Del gets damage resistance while repairing but he is still really delicate in later rounds without any general health upgrades.

The other day I was rotating an embar and longshot as Fahz and a Marcus kept taking them off and trying to use them for himself.


It hurts me watching this sometimes. I wish I could get an assigned locker. Thanks for posting this :+1:


A good engineer puts a locker for every member,with at least 2 slots.
I give my energy so make me a locker,and I can kill happily.

Oh,just remember that we have the heavy weapons bug,the one that makes them vanish,so maybe is not just bad teammates.


Happens all the time on horde.

“Dumb randos” is always a problem and this is one of the many reasons. It’s like the idiots in gears 4 horde who didn’t know the scout was supposed to collect power and/or wouldn’t deposit it in the fabricator.

This is true. But there is also a bug from the last update that if a heavy weapon is on zero ammo it disappears in the locker. So you have to leave at least one bullet left when you put it back into the locker similar to gears 4.

So yeah - for heavy weapons leave one bullet before putting back into locker.

I would love that so much.


I need that ammo box for the repair gun and 4 spaces for cryo cannons

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There should have been a forced bootcamp for horde that you have to play before you can play a match.

It should have explained everyones roles, how to use stuff and general etiquette.

Horde still has damn all in-game information for noobs, so it’s no wonder this stuff continues to happen.

So frustrating


I completely agree about the forced boot camp for Horde. I don’t think that dumb kids would learn anything though.

My friend rage quits as Del because idiot randoms build stuff when it’s not their responsibility AT ALL. Playing with randoms can be very frustrating which is why it would be nice if there was a kick option as the host. But I know that will never happen.

To the OP maybe if there was a tool tip that tells new people to place the empty power weapon on an empty spot of a weapons locker (if there is one).

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I never get a chance to use a Weapon Locker cause every time I play horde, the rest of the team either gets disconnected or they quit. I have no idea what’s going on. I just stopped Horde altogether cause none of my friends play Gears.

ABSOLUTELY! We had an unskippable boot camp for basic controls, even if we have achievements from oh I don’t know EVERY SINGLE GAME, but nothing for a newly revamped game mode? Yikes

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I play horde, where are you and when are you on? My buddies and I have a dads group (we are all pushing 40) and wouldn’t mind having an old fussy fussy hop in with us from time to time

You know there is a bug that has heavy weapons disappearing from the locker. Its been going on since this last update. I have alreay posted about it twice.

Count me in!

33 year old dad here. I’m in the EU, but play from like 12am>3am GMT + 0

After reading all replies, I love the idea of every player getting their own ammo locker that other players can’t access. This would totally eliminate any problems with other players taking and using weapons that you picked up for your own use, and dropping them at random places.

I really hope TC looks into this option because it really takes away from the fun factor of horde to have to baby sit an ammo locker .

Horde is already a lot of fun for me.

It would be much more even if I didn’t have to guard the ammo lockers.