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Ammo in safe rooms in Escape-needs new RULES

Can we please make it so that if you are in a 3 man squad in Escape, you can only take 1 container of ammo in the safe room after decontamination! Their are 3 containers of ammo and 3 people. This is pretty simple math. Their is always 1 ■■■■■■■ that takes more than his share b/c they want all the kills to get the medal. Their needs to be an a-hole penalty where if you try to take it all, none of your kills for the next chapter count. Just make it so the ammo is greyed out after you pick up yours, and. It shocks you and immobilizes you for 30 seconds if you try to take it as well.


But there are times my friends or I don’t need ammo so we allow the others to grab it. Can’t necessarily punish everyone because of a douchey random.


Agreed. Typically Mac should get priority for blue ammo boxes, especially on higher difficulties as he has the Boltok and bleed cards so he needs to maximise ammo. Granted random players in public matchmaking are a really mixed bag, with a fair number of fools around, I wouldn’t support such a system. Also not all safe rooms have three ammo boxes.


All im saying is that everybody should be at least given the opportunity to grab some ammo before some ■■■■ manages to grab more than his share when others need some. I don’t care what the implementation is that at least allows all players the opportunity to grab some. A 15 second time period out of decon that you can only grab 1 box. After that its up for grabs. But .its ridiculous that I feel like ive got to race to be the first one in the shower so that im the first one out just to get some bullets. Of course I don’t like making rules for a “few ■■■■■■■■■■”. But its not just a “few”. Pretty much 90% of public lobbies have some body like that in them.

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this is how i’ve always played escape with friends, mac gets all the blue boxes and keegan gets all the red boxes and any explosives and if the third wants ammo with a specific weapon they drop it for mac to pick up and then mac goes around nabbing the ammo and then re-drops the weapon for the third there’s no point in someone like lahni or cog to grab ammo because mac needs basic ammo the most for that bleed


Works great when you play with friends. Not great in public lobbies.

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It’s definitely an issue in public games. Perhaps a timer that allows all players one case, then it’s anyone’s ammo after say 30 or 40 seconds. I think that might work if TC can implement it.

Were you playing Mac?

Point is, restricting the gameplay is the wrong way of going about it. The “idiot factor” or the “selfish” factor is always going to be there in these kinds of games. It’s like people rushing to grab power weapons in Versus or ammo boxes in Horde. GOW has always been a team based game and works at its best when played with a team mentality. Public games, while a necessity tk allow the community to play with others, does not offer the same level of this team ethos. Mics and talking to each other helps but not everyone does. Emotes are an alternative, albeit limited in scope.

At most I would suggest that hitting a checkout shower room automatically gives everyone the equivalent of a small ammo box each on entry, but even then it sucks some of the survivalist elements out of Escape. All of the three core Escape characters have very specific roles and a successful run, especially in harder difficulties depends on the three of you working together so that your abilities synergise. Weapon and ammo allocation is one of those things.

I mean, idiots also play Horde. They build things they shouldn’t, take other people’s weapons from Weapon Lockers and they use weapons ill-suited to their character / class. Judgment saw a much more restricted class system in the form of Overrun which while it had some good points, was a very flawed mode.

We want as much freedom as possible in a game so we can mix things up and play things our way. But that also gives idiots room to be stupid because they don’t know how to do it properly, or are being selfish, or also purposely trolling. It’s just the human factor really.

I guess my post is really just about my sheer frustration at their always being some body in my public match who runs out of the shower, grabs the first visible ammo box, and then instead of being content getting some ammo, and spreading the love, instead races you to the next container. Its just makes me wanna say ■■■■ it. I run keegen a lot just to supply ammo…I would actually be fine with a 5-10 second timer, right out of the decon showers, where you can only pick up 1 ammo box. Long enough to give everybody enough time to grab some ammo if needed, but short enough that nobody is waiting very long to pick up the rest if nobody wants it or differs to the others. To me, that gives every body “freedom”. Freedom to get a little if desired, and also to differ to the others if one so desires as well.