Ammo case doesn’t provide flash bang if not already holding any

I’ve been playing as Kait in Horde to level up and have noticed that if she is not holding 1 flashbang and picks up ammo case that she only receives ammo and not another flash. However is she is holding 1 flash and picks up ammo case then she does get 1 more flash. Is this supposed to be part of the game design or glitch? This might be the same for other grenades but have not tried it…

It’s the same for all grenades and really stupid imo, because it used to not be this way in previous games where your grenades stayed in their slot even if you had none left. The only way to make this happen now is to tag a meatshield with a grenade, then you can get more from ammo boxes. It is stupid.

Why? Because grenades are already way too uncommon to come by(and meatshielding enemies isn’t always an option, especially in Horde, but it is the only reliable way of getting grenades off enemies), and none of the enemies use frags either. And don’t get me started on the nonsensical grenade options in the fabricator. JD? Frags, makes perfect sense. Lizzie? Shocks, I guess they work ok with her Stim skill. Keegan? Incendiaries, tf is he supposed to do with those? Kait? Again, Incendiaries that serve no apparent or useful purpose over Flashbangs that are wayyyy more useful for her.

Ok thanks for verifying, i was getting mad as hell. And agreed on the incendiary grenades, what a waste

Only the Red cases from escape provide flashes to an empty slot.