Ambush-card atm

Not sure if this is a Hive-specific bug for Onslaught again, but apparently Ambush and Exploit Weakness aren’t enough to one-shot a Scion anymore. I guess the cards got nerfed now or they stealthily changed the Scions HP.

its not a bug, the hive has a double HP modifier, and after some testing they still haven’t nerfed Ambush card yet.

just gotta use modified Longshot card :slight_smile:

I have my cards maxed out:
Ambush (140% damage on first shot still)
Modified sniper(30% damage and ar damage boost)
Modified embar(30% damage and ar damage boost)
Critical shot(55% critical damage boost)
Explosive headshot(85% explosion damage in 5m radius)

It really oneshots a warden with ult activated. Without ult only enemy you cant oneshot headshot is popper, as it does not count headshots at all.

Fahz is superior, I got higher damage on horde than aimboted marcus in 7 out of 10 matches with him in team. Also on horde he can still freeze out and kill swarmak in 3 shots (little note, on escape you cant freeze swarmak).

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I also took out two sentinels on master difficulty during his ultimate ability.

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With you in cover next to him, or standing off on your own :slight_smile: ?

@GhostofDelta2 Can you close threads? If yes, would you kindly close this one? Everyone so far missed the point of my OP.

It’s increased Health, not double. Same as every other Hive where Exploit+Ambush is enough to oneshot Salvos.
My guess after 15+ hours in this Hive is that the Longshot actually loses damage after a certain distance.

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Closing as per op request

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