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[Amazing Offer!] Gears 5 Ultimate Edition & Game Pass Ultimate Deal

There’s a few people here who mentioned the Game Pass Ultimate Deal and converting Xbox Live to it upon purchase.


To break it down.

Today I purchased 3 Years Xbox Live Gold for £122.

I then upgraded to Game Pass Ultimate for £1.

This in turn upgraded my existing 3 Years Xbox Live Gold to 3 Years Game Pass Ultimate.

So now, my next payment would be on 13th June 2022.

What is Game Pass Ultimate?

-Game Pass For Xbox One and PC
-Xbox Live Gold.

Now, this offer might not be around forever.

But Gears: 5 Ultimate Edition would cost £80 to purchase.

I’m also getting Halo: MCC PC so that would be around £50-£80 on a stand-alone basis.

There are other games I’m interested in too that are already on Game Pass or were shown at E3 as coming to GP.


I get the entire Game Pass Library, on Xbox and PC, plus Xbox Live Gold for the same price - PLUS - both those games I was going to buy anyway.

So it’s well worth it.

You can do it for up to 36-months and anywhere between 1 -36 months.

I know @Krylon_Blue has done this as well as a few others but I looked into it and it makes so much sense that I went ahead and did it today too.

This is very good as Game Pass Ultimate is normally £11 per month.

The savings over 3 years are substantial!


My buddy had two years of Xbox Live and 1 year of Game Pass. For $1 he converted to 3 years of Ultimate.

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Yeah, it’s too good to pass up on.

Microsoft will be pushing for Game Pass and making sure it’s got some good titles, plus it’s supported by third party too.

Oh indeed they are. You’re basically getting games for free. I have had Game Pass for a few months now and it already paid for itself. I switched over to Ultimate since my gold was up in July and after seeing Gears ultimate, I couldn’t pass it up. I feel that I am getting Gears 5 for free since Game Pass has paid for itself, along with any other game I DL now.



For those buying Gears 5 Ultimate - you might as well buy the gold, if possible, buy another 12 months, convert it to Game Pass Ultimate and over the next 3 years, you will get so many games for free and Xbox Live Gold is active too.

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How much they gonna charge you for renewal then?

£10.99 per month.

But you can opt out of it and wait till it expires before deciding what to do.

3 years is a long time anyway so that’s a decision for later.

I could drop down to PC Game Pass only for £4 after the 3 years is up.

Or sign up to another deal like this if it’s available.

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im pretty sure it’ll be available at the next e3. i did the same thing however i didn’t buy 3 years of live extra im only going to have this until feb 1st 2020. But by then i’ll probably buy gears of war 5 anyways.


I just think it’s an amazing deal right now considering Gears 5: Ultimate is £80.

And now you can buy Gears 4 for £2.49.

So when my GP runs out in June 2022 - Gears 5 will be a minuscule price if I don’t decide to keep GP.


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I’m a bit confused how Game Pass works, you don’t actually own these games, correct? You can only play them as long as they’re being offered through the pass, so you very well might have to purchase Gears 5 if they ever rotate it out of the lineup, right? Or do I have it misunderstood?

If I had an Xbox I’d be all over this deal for sure, but as it stands I’m not horribly interested in their PC lineup (besides Gears 5) and I don’t have any use for Xbox Live Gold so I think it’s not worth it for me personally.

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You don’t own the games.

You play them as long as they are in the library and you have Game Pass.

If you have it downloaded and it goes out of the library, I’m not sure if your access gets revoked or if it’s only someone who doesn’t have it, can’t play it - this I don’t know.

Also, I don’t know how often games get taken out of the library and why. Perhaps it’s based on popularity? Games no one are downloading may get taken out.

However - major first party games - they are a big selling point for Game Pass. I cannot see them getting taken out of the Game Pass.

On top of this, let’s say you know your game pass is ending tomorrow and the game you play has been out for over a year, you can actually buy that game with a 20% discount I believe because you own the GP and it’s a title in GP.

Whether that game might have been discounted already due to age, plus another 20% off could be the case too.

Looking at the PC side,

There’s a stand-alone game Pass.

First month now is £1 / $1.

After that,

It’s £4 or $5 a month.

So depends if you value Halo: MCC on PC and let’s say Gears 5.

Because those games are what, $60 each?

That’s $120 for two games.

That’s like two years Game Pass but you get access to both those games and everything else on there and yet to come (Halo Infinite next year, Gears Tactics at some point).

Plus, 2 years down the line, Gears 5 will be available relatively cheap.

Gears 4 I believe here can be bought for £2.49 - like $3 on PC.

So it all depends I guess.

Worth thinking about and deciding what’s best for you.

Game Pass isn’t / doesn’t have to be for everyone but knowing all choices and aspects can help you make the best choice.


If a game leaves game pass you just cannot use it unless you buy it or someone who has your xbox as their home xbox owns it.


The first party games will always be there and available.

The rest of the games are always in rotation. When games leaves new comes in. This is great for people that has allot of time on their hands. This happens on weakly basis.

Gamepass owners can buy the games that are on it for a reduced price. Say if you like Fallout 4 you play it for a while. But there is time for a rotation and Fallout 4 is due to be rotated. You will be able to buy it for a reduced price. Which is another benifit of having the gamepass. I do also think you can gift those games on reduced price aswell. Iam not 100% on that.

Yeah, i read this was the case!

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Also get a discount on DLC and Season Passes I believe…I think 10%



Thats great, I guess that is what’s going to finance the games.
I wonder how it handles family sharing.

Family sharing works fine on “home” Xbox. Not sure if you can share with family the technical test though. I’d like to really know that one. May have to pick up game pass ultimate for a month so my son can take part.

I’ve done it also, thanks for the tip.

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Well the Tech test should be included in the Ultimate gamepass,
So if it also works with family sharing then it shouldnt be any problems with the tech test. Depending on if they are planning on gathering personal data and such.