Amazing how undervalued Keegan is in Horde

I will have to take a look… I’m running out of characters to play/level up, lol…

Yes, it’s ANYONE who kills the marked target… So with eagle eyes I am constantly marking, and I try to do damage to them, without killing them, to make it even easier for my team to kill them to help their ultimate.

I always tell everyone this, in chat, so they are aware…

Ohhhh, one of the other guys listed his cards, for the different styles, I agree with what he said…

mostly, what do I do, these days?

Shredder for explosive bleed, the recharge bounty, granade pouch (7 shocks on a map with narrow pathways, yikes), and then some combination of the health regen card, and ultimate radius/duration… Usually something like that… On lower levels the HB 50% boost is cool, but on higher ones, I don’t bother…

Up to insane, give me a locker and 3 torque bows and 2 boomshots, and I have a lot of fun killing bad guys and supporting my team… On higher levels, mostly support… (but my bleed on his is only 30% for now, maybe it will be better once I get that higher)…


Only thing I dont use with Clayton are those freeze damage cards… dont know why he has them, no one seems to need them much haha

Can be usefull on some escape maps with freeze modifiers like The Choke or Ice Queen for example.

ok man I think what you have to do its the following:

  1. play as the Magnificent Fazh = You have to agree that is so much fun play as a " ENEMY AT THE GATES" sharp shooter !!

  2. Play as JD. = at the end nothing its more fun that using the freedom lancer.

Regards my friend :slight_smile:

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I started using Keegan a few months ago and really have fun playing. My only issue is his ULT not giving him ammo for heavy weapons and him not being able to buy explosive weapons/frags.

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I never played Keegan but you’re making want to start.

Don’t fall for the propaganda from Big Keegan. Remember the Lahni Union and our fight for buffs.

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As far as his ult not giving ammo for explosives hopefully that’s fixed by next operation heard tc was looking into it so good news!

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Fahz is great dude, he actually takes a lot of skill to use to which is a good thing. Freedom lancers are way OP with the bleed. Not to mention extra capacity.


If they fix his ULT and let him get ammo for Torque Bo, boomshot, and drop shot, him and Marcus will be my main characters for Horde.

And If they throw in granades, he’s definitely my new main along with Marcus.


Even though I don’t like the character, I’ve been meaning to try him out for Horde. Haven’t been playing much of anything lately as I’m in the process of looking into getting a electrician to ground the outlets in my office/room so I can add AC. Then I’ll be back to gaming regularly for sure.

I’m one of those people that never saw him as a great pick in horde(not to the extent of kicking players lol). I guess it’s that mentality of “why pick him when JD is better” but now that you really point out his good qualities I’m gonna use him more.

To each his own I just mainly use him because I love his playstyle as a support role that you can choose wether to put out some good dmg or run support for your team also a lot of lobbies were on the no jd hype train and once I got shredder card it helped fill that hole from damage standpoint.

Keegan is challenging to play which makes him fun, but I feel that his true potential as a dmg dealer is too dependent on having a knowledgeable engineer in the match.

I’d like to see him get a buff. Nothing too crazy, but perhaps a Custom Boomshot card or ability to buy frags or ability to resupply explosive ammo or maybe starting with 5-6 rounds in his Boomshot.


I’d love to be able to have a few more GL shots and buy frags with Keegan too.
Let his venom card that refills explosive weapons work in horde and that’d be a good help :slight_smile:

Clayton is also useful in escape & those cards seem to be more aimed at situational escape maps that contain freeze modifiers.
On a side note: I find Lizzie to be quite useful in escape due to her ability to consistently get stim which allows you to survive a melee hit, which is essential for survival in multiple enemy melee fights + her silverback is always good for clearing the ending / a group of high health enemies .

  • Even after both were nerfed they’re still great options for either Horde or Escape; combinations of different characters and different Meta’s are a topic that many people lack knowledge of it seems. :stuck_out_tongue:

Downloading new update rn; let’s see what they’ve destroyed now,… lol

Stomped out 50 waves of master yesterday as Keegan. Was primarily complementing the JD. He bought more GLs than usual so I could rotate through them as well and put shredder card to optimal use. Also throwing out and active boomshot round here and there. Was also buying and spamming 7 fire grenades with grenade pouch on the barriers each round where the enemies were getting slowed and clumped up. REALLY WISH these were frags, not fire but whatever…

When the enemies started putting a lot of firepower down on our position, I would lay down the healing module boosted with radius and duration on top of myself and JD so we could continue to deliver the goods without getting pinned down too hard.


That’s dope what lv is ur shredder at I just tinker in insane and inconceivable atm with lv 3 shredder.

Level 4, need like 5 more to max it. Takes forever to get particular purple cards. You will max your gold skill long before a certain purple.

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No bro… Keegan doesn’t need a Buff. Do we really need another guy who is as strong as JD in the game? Hell nah… Keegan already has plenty of things going for him.