Amazing how undervalued Keegan is in Horde

It makes me laugh when i get removed from custom lobbies because i join a full game as Keegan… I mean, there is an engineer, jack, jd, lizzy, and i join as keegan… Instant “host paused the game” and “you have been removed from the game”… :grin:

Keegan, depending on the map setup, can be an inxredible asset to everyone… All i do is mark the enemies others kill and boom, their ultimate recharges faster… Swarmak comes close, i drop my box, and boom, jd and lizzy have a huge damage shield and health regen boost while they kill the boss… With narrow passages, like forge, my 7 shocks can keep the little enemies out for about a minute while others deal with a boss or a guardian… And explosive bleed damage…

I really dont get why people freak out at Keegan but tolerate cole, lahni, etc, in Master horde…


Yeah he is like a baby jd with explosive weps and doesn’t kill hog plus his legendary card provides great dmg mitigation ppl act like he is a scrub in horde but he can put in work in a good players hand.


Yeah… Keegan can hold his own, Wave 46 Master, and i dont even have his cards fully maxed yet…

Man, 7 shocks are deadly… And he can drop bastian shields with his boom too.


I fully agree that Keegan is great in Horde but just want to throw out that Lahni and Cole (probably my favourite of the three) are also good in Master with the right set up. Bad card picks on either and you are right that they suck.

Keegan can 1x boomshot kill bastions. And with salvo Keegan becomes a mini JD. So not only his cards are very usefull but he is also a big dmg dealer.

Would be nice if he had more explosive ammo like JD.


Clayton is better than Keegan with salvo & Clayton can stun every enemy & boss excluding Flocks. If you have a maxed out Clayton with lv5 cards, he is a beast on Master horde.

Card setup for both horde & escape:
Bait Armor
Concussive Explosive
Blast Shield
Heavy Shell & Reflect Shredder
Once lvl5 on all those cards, he is a decent tank. I usually have 2 lockers full of Salvo & let them RIP, stun every enemy in your line of sight.


And if you use your Reflective Shell Ability on an aggro’d Gaurdian on master, it bleeds out in about 3 seconds . I meant to record it last night. And another cool trick if there is a Boomshot Scion with a bastion protecting him, you can use Clayton’s Ult to make the Boomer take out his own bastion, its awesome!!!

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I’ve noticed there are plenty of puke heads that boot anyone playing a more unorthodox character.

There are 3 main styles I like to play as Keegan.

Energy support: here you get marked recharge and eagle eyes mark as many targets as possible and dish a bunch of extra ultimate cool down to the team. Now you can pick up Shredder, grenade pouch and Hammerburst and contribute good damage as well.

Healing support: this build uses his legendary skill resupply healing module, boosted with radius and duration increase cards. Drop it on your team when things get rough. Need to cut the Hammerburst is all, not too big of a deal.

Pure support: combines the two builds above essentially. Marked recharge, eagle eyes, healing module + radius and duration. At this point your intention is to jump on a tri shot for the game while providing maximum support. The cool thing is when your healing module is up you can more or less gun freely without worry.

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I’ve done 600k damage with Keegan on masters once because our JD went to sleep. Killed two carriers with salvos and JDs gls. Every character can be useful and you gotta give people a chance before you kick them out. I’ve recently spent time taking my Sarah Corner to level 18 and it’s the most fun I’ve had in ages. She can hold 7 frags and her modified frag card makes them do more damage and gives them more radius, Her frags destroy everything at level 3 card, plus her heavy weapons card gives more rounds for salvos. At level 3 you get 34 rounds in each salvo. Locker full of salvos and she’s unstoppable.

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Keegan was my first level 18 character. I love the free fillups.


Let’s face it, if someone kicks a player before the game has even started, you didn’t really wana play with them anyway, they’re an a$$


All he is missing is his Onyx Guard skin


Yeah Keegan is pretty solid. Not JD level’s of OP but yeah he is good.

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Wait till you get that card to level 5.

But yes, she is a beast with that heavy weapons card not to mention her ability to spam endless frags with that damage increase. She can essentially blow up an entire map with a weapons locker and easy access to the fabricator.

Too bad her ultimate sucks.

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So marking targets also lowers the ultimate recharge on teammates because the card doesn’t state that.

I just started leveling him up so am unaware of this.

The card does say that.


Nice post.

Could you share which cards you used why playing as him in Horde?

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I was reading this thinking “this sounds exactly like Immortal” and then i looked at the GT haha. I was witness to the reflective shield taking out a guardian in 3 seconds flat; and the explosive stun is one of the best skills in the entire game, i’d take clayton’s stun/dmg over keegan any day; but keegan isn’t bad either, highly dependent upon the skill of the player as well haha.

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Yeah the ult does suck so I never use it, and why would you with that locker full of salvos and a bunch of frags BBHAAAAAAAAAA!