AMA for Kurtis Wiebe for developer stream 1/16/2020 @3pm PT

Hello, Gears of War Fans Embry Starred here and today on the developer live stream we have a surprise guest! Author Kurtis Wiebe ( Ratqueens, Hivebusters, Rise of Raam) will be appearing from 3 pm-5 pm (est) pt time to be answering your behind the scenes questions on the Hive Buster series, Rise of Raam series, and other behind the scenes questions on what work goes into making comic series/ graphic novels. Feel free to ask any questions below and I will organize them by category (example working with coalition questions, lore questions, etc.)I can’t wait to see some of the responses comment below and ask away!

Behind the scenes:

What was it like with the coalition on both rise of Raam as well as the Hivebuster series.

Bonnie Jean Mah is the franchise’s current narrative lead, how much creative freedom was given for both the hive busters/ Rise of Raam’s characters as well.

What are the rules laid out for you when working within the gears universe (i.e you absolutely CANNOT do x)

Coalitions resident Andrew Movera better know as Parasidian is more or less the studio’s Gears of war encyclopedia have you worked with him when crafting the comics?


Jermad and Uzil Sraak have become a cult classic in the Gears series and are one of the most unique designs, did you have a vision of them going into Rise of Raam?

there was a weapon Skorge utilized in Rise of Raam that was a cross between a Gorgan pistol/ a hammer burst. was that an original design if so how does it function and what would you name it.

It is still somewhat foggy as to where the Kantus subspecies origin from, we have our answers within Gears 5 but it’s not laid out in black and white to some would you like to shed some light on the Kantus subspecies?

What are the larger locust based off of (i.e Brumaks and Corpsers) how were they tamed by ukkon to eventually do the locust bidding, did Ukkon mutate Seran creatures into something else or were they always like that

Ukkon was introduced to us in Rise of Raam and is about to make his videogame debut in Gears tactics, what else within his backstory would you love to let us in on if you are able to.

The adrenaline masks are awesome (especially the opening intro to a gears 5 escape match) did you have multiple iterations to get to it? How was the podding process explained to you

Miscellaneous questions:

In your personal opinion, what era of conflict is more fun to write for the Locust era or the swarm era?

Have you played the series prior? if so what was your favorite entry into the franchise?

Would you ever consider collaborating with Joshua Ortega? He has crafted some of the best gears of war stories (such as Gears of War 2 and the original line of comics). Josh is heavily involved with the community to this day and it would be great to see you two work together on future gears of war project.

Who is your favorite hive buster?

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Yo this looks cool, I want to know about the Kanus subspecies. Is there a place where the developer streams are archived for watching after work?

On Twitch past stream.

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Yes on twitch you can watch past streams:) also feel free too ask any questions!

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Ill give it a watch man @Embry_Starred I love graphic novels , I owned several of them, sounds interesting man

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