Am I trippin or what? (District)

I SWORE that cover right outside the door snipe(gridiron, frag normal) side of district was too thick… and yet I just got mantled and knifed there… (the block not the window, nor the 3 way in the middle) I didn’t even try to counter, not thinking he could, otherwise he would have got wrecked I always counter them.

Block straight in front of doorway on frag side via that image. Am I trippin or what? Cause I don’t remember ever being able to mantle that.

Seems like one side can be mantled and not the other.

Someone else can chime in here, but I distinctly remember mantling it the other day and being surprised that it did that.

I don’t recall that before.

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I’m a bit unsure which bit you mean. Do you mean the block literally in front of where the frags are placed?

No, the block straight in front of the doorway on the way over to there, theres one on both sides in front of both doors.

To make it easier, from that pic, the one that’s on the left, has the tbow line going through it.

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Were you on the frag side or the torque?

Frags look at the pic, the line coming from the tbow in the picture is going through the cover I’m referring to on the left side, though it actually happened on the right one, but just to understand which cover.

Ah I thought you meant the part by torque / embar where the line first intersects but now I know what you meant.

Yes it’s possible to get mantled on that cover. I have seen / done it plenty of times.

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I know it is now lol, but I swear it didn’t used to be, but idk.

Gears 5 has some advanced mantles introduced because gravity on sera is longer what it used to be…