Am I the Only One Who's Fine With the Reverse Omen?

I get it. It gets REALLY hard to see once you get damaged and it can be hard to tell how much damage you can still take after you get shot because the screen gets really red. But part of me likes it like this. It SHOULD be more difficult to see if you have blood in your eyes. But after playing all weekend, I got used to it just like anything else. I’m assuming this is what TC was going for. They want to make it more difficult if you’re near death, that way if you do manage to fight your way out of it and kill the other guy, its that much more rewarding.

I think we should keep our complaints to stuff about bugs or really game breaking stuff. If we go all out demanding they change everything before the game even officially releases then we’ll never be happy because they’ll be making updates every week , aka fortnite, that just make the game worse.

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