Am I the only one who thinks

There should be almost zero aim assist or magnetism or whatever on the sniper rifle?


Nope, right there with ya, should be less on other weapons too!

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I agree.

I have a feeling the assist helps with lag though. I can’t tell you how many times with aim assist turned off I head shot an enemy who wasn’t moving at all only for the shot to register at all. Not even a hit-marker which in itself is screwed up. I don’t see this often when I tested with aim assist so I wonder if it’s helping differentiate from the various character models and their sizing.

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Yes please.
I don’t pick up the sniper or embar too often, but when I have I get some wonky as F shots, even if I exclude the wonky ones that co-inside the with the stupid “triangle”.
Bunny hunt gave me quite a few WT F moments.

This is with aim assist settings off. Whatever they turn down with this setting is obviousy not turned down enough.

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I just want the adhesion to go away forever tbh.

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Their should be zero aim assist period! No aim assist whatsoever in Gears.

You have to have some… There’s been assist in every gears and in every online game right now

If they just went back to how it was in Gears 4, I’m sure people would have a lot less complaints. 5s “assist” is really intrusive at times and despite claims that it isn’t any higher than previous Gears games, it definitely feels like it is, no thanks to their unnecessary “adhesion” mechanism that only serves to draw my aimed reticle away from a stationary enemy because a moving target crossed any part of the screen. I could be aiming at a Scion or Drone in PvE only for the “assist” to “help” me track a Juvie at my feet or moving sideways towards a different target when I’m not even looking to shoot at the Juvie. It even limitedly tracks a target moving behind cover ffs.

And the “aim assist off” option just makes shooting feel a lot more dodgy with the new recoil mechanisms instead of it being a “smooth” experience so I don’t find that to be a good solution.