Am I the only one who teleports every 3 or 5 minutes after the servers maintenance?

I didn’t have any problems yesterday before maintenance.

Now I teleport between 1, 3 or 5 minutes (Horde/Escape), the icon of some squares appears. I didn’t try PvP

EU servers


I never experienced any issues playing PvE earlier today. Same servers. Hopefully it was temporary and your game plays fine the next time.

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I am the same. Went from a pretty decent experience after some horrendous lag, and now it’s just back to being unplayable.

Usually I get an indication of serious lag with the symbols or high ping but this time I am rarely seeing any of them but the gameplay is riddle with lag.

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Was a really weird day yesterday. It was almost 24 hours since I played my first match after maintenance and magically the connection worked fine.

Maybe my connection was on strike :upside_down_face:

@GhostofDelta2 Can you please close this topic? The problem solved itself

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As you wish!