Am I the only one who liked the Snowboom event?

I see tons of people ■■■■■■■■ on the mode, saying boom doesn’t work, unfun, just melee for the kills and get out of there… But I played it and it was hands down the most fun event I’ve played.

I loved the boomshot has to be direct hit to do something, or specificly apparently your torso/head. It makes aggressive in your face plays a thing and just makes everyone group up and have fun. The thanksgiving event was awful, because it encouraged just camping in a tower and waiting. Didn’t like that event at all.

Only thing that is a shame is that none of the event medals tick’d down for me in my 10 games I played today. Would’ve prob had all the medals done except headshot. Always something that takes away from the joy of the game it seems…

The melee I just found funny in general. It’s easy to run away from a player meleeing you so you don’t get downed, and if they are doing that you can just kite them + boomshot them. Imo if you got melee’d down it was on you for not just running away tbh.

So yeah. Really enjoyed the event, shame medals didn’t track (guess im not completing that part of the tour).


Meleeing in events with single shot weapons will never be fun. Especially if those weapons require you to be accurate.


Well…most people arent very good at it I’ve noticed. I’ve joined games mid match and just wreck. I don’t know how or why, but I’m rlly good at this strange game mode.

I got my 30 Elims at the beginning of my second match and continued to play for a little more.


You’re not the only one. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It encourages movement and accuracy. What’s not to like about that.

was more fun in gow4 though


Doubt that you are.
The people who liked it probably just didn’t post as much.

Wasn’t for me but 30 Eliminations was in the end easy enough.


I think the mode would have been 10X better if they would up the ammo count. 4 shots is ridiculously stingy for a weapon that fires a round that travels in (relatively )slow arc and has no splash damage. If we started with 20 rounds each or something it would be better. The you could have some serious snowball fights. Half the team is running around with no ammo trying to melee for kills. Poorly thought out by the devs.

Just for note: later it got increased from 4 to 8 shots.

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I always thought this mode was awesome. Kinda fun and off the wall.

I wouldn’t think it would be something to have year round, but it fits the season and is fun to play periodically.

It’s silly fun for a few matches. I had a hard time getting the snowshot to work, felt body shots sometimes worked, and sometimes splash damage even though it shouldn’t.

Made some folks unhappy with my melee antics lol

thanks for the update. good move !

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Still can use knife for elim. :yum:

I guess it wasn’t too terrible when you aren’t playing against “tryhards” or whatnot.

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