Am I the only one who hates wallbouncing?

Yeah man . I think more and more they are thinking about it .

I just hope that whenever TC employees read these kinds of posts, they know they aren’t meant seriously. A certain other thread with the majority of posts like this is missing since Octus chose to pay the forums a visit yesterday. Even though I saw no real reason to it since it was nothing serious. Can’t always be serious, you know?

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I’m not a fan of wall bouncing and it’s something I cannot seem to do. However, I accept it as a part of Gears.

I think I know which thread you’re talking about, and it’s a shame, as that signifies to me that they’re no all about equality. It’s 2020, thought we were past all that, thought we can do better, but I guess we gotta make due with just gym short Fahz…


In all seriousness though, it’s a shame they closed the thread. It’s nice to just have a bit of fun in the forums as opposed to always be at TC’s throat or complain about every little detail. Not that there’s anything wrong with all that, it is the Gears forum after all, and I’ll always be on the side that people can and should criticize the game as much as they want, but at times letting loose and having fun with your fellow Gearheads can do some good within the community as well, regardless of how childish some of the subjects we come up with at times.

Oh well, RIP Lizzie’s thiccness.

That was indeed the thread I referred to. Not the one with the stuff about RAAM, Fahz or whatever, though you also made me notice it was gone as well. But you can’t say there’s nothing to see on her… Kait’s are just tighter than Lizzie’s, for whatever reason.

But enough of this now. Thread’s on wallbouncing for all it’s worth(hint : I do not care for this “movement” like everyone was on ice or traction did not exist, seeing as I do not play Versus, though I think it looks silly, including regular cover slides).

lmaooo good one

Just strafe and shoot. Some players overdo it with the wall bouncing and it ends up getting them killed… There’s no shame in running away from a fight and getting better positioning on the map.

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A good counter to wall bouncing is the 2 piecing move

Wall bouncing is the technique for tryhards and I get recked by this every time. Also the onyx guard weapons that are locked by the free for all, yeah never happening for me. Here is why…

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Wallbouncing is how experienced players move. I can’t run around a map without bouncing, it’s just how you get around. Also bouncing actually helps your accuracy in some situations, making your aim more about timing then working the right stick to aim.


When they see me start bouncin’


I love wallbouncing but the new gears of having an attacking advantage while pushing/bouncing and going for chunks is not viable.

the gears that we ALL fell in love with had different viable playstyles - gears 3 was the most versatile with strafing, roading strafing, bouncing, walking, rolling, rifling, etc and it is the most beloved.

Since gears 4 and currently in gears 5, you either bounce like an idiot or you play to hold your shot - remember the 83% and holding your shot in gears 4? it was due to this new gears and revert to me means to go back to playing for damage/downs.

does that mean the elimination of bouncing? of course not.

to me, i want to win via my brain and aim but not just my movement. the new gears of bait bait bait…and up a…and the new gears of holding your shot or geting 83% or 98% now is not what i fell in love with.

i love bouncing and it absolutely should be in the game but not to the point where it is the only viable playstyle.

look, just look at the default settings for gears of war


i play

27-23-23-8-0-1 alternate on an elite controller with back paddles for X and A

you think that is gonna grow our community? where it isnt enough to just hop on the game and hit your shots - play for damage/downs - and be able to do good.

if you aint bouncing and holding shots, you are raging at 1 hit _%

for mine, revert and lets get back to brain, aim, and of course bouncing too

if we can cry to balance out the rifle play then why cant we balance out the wallbouncing?

in the end, we want viable playstyles in the community, no?


i could down people across the map with it on sandbar

Sadly sandbar isn’t here ><
I miss that map

Yes. The current state of our “cover based shooter” is that cover gets you killed, and actually shooting first is a disadvantage because your opponents warp into chunk range at light speed if you attempt to play for damage. I don’t know what the identity of the game is supposed to be right now.


What is wall bouncing?

yes and that IS a problem.

how do people not see this or simply boil it down to “i like fast movement”

gears 3 was faster than anything ever created in this universe and this WAS NOT a problem.

proper balances need to be done.

the baiting shots, holding shots, and sliding into every fight is a dumbed down game like jetpack call of duty

what happened to the mental game?

kids that were diamond 4/5 in gears 4 were completely lost at the beginning of gears 5 with the more methodical fights - they were LOST!

now they like the game because they can bounce faster and get lucky kills? i still body them with my mental game lol

the gears of reckless play is not my gears.


I dont personally like it, I think it kinda ruin’s the game. But I just usually shot gun people to the face who keep spamming over and over.

It does break the animation and flow of the game (my own person opinion).

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I agree wall bouncing has always been a thing in gears but in Gears 5 its just way too fast and gives an unfair advantage since it forces you to suddenly have a increased reaction time.

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