Am I the only one who hates wallbouncing?

I foresee that we’ll get Speedo Fahz rather than Speedo scion. Think about it. We got sleeveless Fahz in OP1, gym short Fahz in OP2. At the rate we’re going, we’ll get Speedo Fahz in OP3, and by the end of the year, Fahz’s junk will be freely flopping around the enemy’s face while mantle kicking them.

I just hope TC is all about equality and give us bikini Kait to balance things out. :blush:


You and your clan’s wallbouncing skills never cease to amaze me Mark. Astonishing how none of the pro teams have tried to sign any of you guys up.

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Lmao someone at TC has a serious Fahz-hardon.

Meanwhile, we intellectuals await Bikini Kait.

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They can only hold us back for so long.

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the quicker the bouncing, the more skill it takes to land a killing shot.

This clip was 1 hit then a load of misses and a knife then random bouncing.

The problem is the cancels are far too fast and easy plus it dosen’t help with the gnasher being completely useless in gears 5 but gears of war 3 bouncing was very much the same but to compensate at least the gnasher had more damage at a slight range and better hit registration.

Everyone is doing it because they know the gnasher is only effective at very close range now but even then ghost shots and 98 and 99% damage shots are still happening lol.

Like i said spam and sponge its boring

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Wall bouncing turned gears into ice hockey with shotguns. It’d be tolerable if the lancer was more efficient but everyone keeps crying about getting shot because they’re too stupid to think that cover can be used avoid bullets instead of aid in bouncing


I hate running to a place on the map and i suddenly stick to a wall. This i hate with a passion. Worse is that i do struggle at times to get off the damn thing.

In Gears 3 we also had the sawed off shotgun. That thing obliterated anything in melee range without aiming. You didn’t want to get close to that.

I didn’t really use the sawed off too much because it was frowned upon most people however i do see why people used it and for me the gnasher was fine and gears of war 3 had the most variety out of any gears of war game i loved it every weapon was effective in the right hands.

Gears 5 is missing options in the way you can play in this game you’re literally forced to get in peoples faces 90% of the time especially against good players there’s no counters at all it’s just one boring playstyle that is the most effective.

It was super easy to one shot someone if they got close. You could hip fire that thing and if they were anywhere near the middle of the screen is was death. So long as you were in punching distance. I can understand why the expert wall bouncers didn’t like it. I loved it for horde. Was the perfect weapon for when a mauler got close.

People ■■■■■■■ about the sawn off but the gears 3 retro took over the spot of OP weapon.

At least the retro couldnt hit anything past 15 yards.

Really like wall bouncing. just dont overdo it.
Just be smart and use it wise with some strafing.

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I agree
Wall bounce is NOT the problem but thanks to that MESS Gears2, we got stupid Wall Cancel/r :joy:

Y’all trippin gears has literally turned into call of duty with all the lancering, chainsawing lunges, and knifing. Tc has made wall bouncing a sin since the end of gow 4 u can’t even heal while bouncing idk why y’all keep complaining just play the division of u want an actual cover base.

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Funny that…

Since gears 2 days I have always experienced hate for wallbounce.
But every play who sent me hate for it had 1 thing in common…


Stop hating somthing your 2 lazy to learn and master yourself.
Fight fire with fire and all that JAZZ.

Problemo solved my friend.

Possibly the only skin I would pay real $$$ for right here.

Or maybe Catholic School Girl Lizzie, but, I digress…

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People keep throwing the best ideas I’ve ever heard in my life. TC should consider hiring some of us tbh.

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idk but I’m DEFINITELY thinking of dropping some serious $$$ on that upcoming Brazzers weapon skin set.

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