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Am I the only one who hates wallbouncing?

Am I the only one? I do realize that it takes skill to become great at wallbouncing etc. But I feel like its gone too far. I thought it was to much 3, even worse in 4 and now in 5 its just ridiculous.

Gears doesnt feel like a cover based shooter anymore,

I realize now its not the wallbouncing i hate, its the cancel.


Wall bouncing is Lyf.


Classic alt or tournament wall/hyper bounce players are fine, but claw players are monstrosities.

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Not the only one, but definitely in the minority of the minority on this one imo. Don’t like wallbouncing? You can literally play every other game under the sun and have your wish come true.


I think man Gears of War its not your cup of tea… perhaps you could try " Just Dance 2020 " , that could work for you man.


I don’t like hyperbounce because I can’t do it
Mainly because I don’t try
Its silly
Dancing around each other is great, but when ppl start vibrating it’s just gone too far an that’s the truth
It used to feel like an almost grid like game of character position and hitting more of your shots, now ppl mainly just run around


Not really. Just throw on Alt and brainlessly mash the A button.

Wall bouncing is fine, but wall cancelling is a garbage mechanic.


I’m not a heavy wall bouncer myself, but as a big Gears fan since the first game, I’ve learned to incorporate it a little in my playstyle, it can definitely help sometimes.

I know some people go crazy on it in Gears 5 but it doesn’t really bother me, I think this mechanic helps give Gears its unique identity and I’ve learned to deal with it better over time. I actually find it amusing, when I see someone from far away hyper-wallbounce their way towards me, it usually ends bad for them.


Wallbounce? What’s that? All I see is up A’s! Lol

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Wallbouncing is pretty easy but nothing beats good ol reads.


post footage of you doing it if it’s so easy

Here’s me and my clan showing off our wall bouncing:


You and your clan are obviously very skilled. What do I have to do to join?


I don’t hate it or love it. I just don’t do it much cause I am a PC gamer. I don’t like locking my character into fixed camera angles cause then I am hindering the one thing that gives me a slight advantage, free look at what ever speed. I do it if it’s necessary. But, I have noticed that console gamers do use wall bouncing or what ever a lot. But, for them it’s a good thing. I would do it too if I was a console gamer.

Do you have any footage to demonstrate that you possess 1337 wall bouncing skillZ?

Yes. Here’s footage of me 1v3. Took one out, almost got the other. I admit I wasn’t anywhere near of getting the third one though…


Nice. Are you willing to add the clan tag to your gamertag and only ever play as Kait and T-800 and constantly whine about Gears 5’s movement all day on the forum?

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I realize now its not the wallbouncing i hate, its the wallbounce cancel. Of course wallbouncing is part of gears, it has always been.

I already moan about movement fairly regularly in the forums, but not sure about using Kait though. Can you save me a spot for when TC releases bikini Kait in the near future?

No promises. If there’s a spot open you can get back in touch.