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Am I the only hardcore Gears fan who can't stand the Terminator and Spartans being in my game?

Why are characters from other franchises in my game? It sucks and I’m going back to Gears 4.


I’m not really a gears ‘fan’ and I think they make no sense being in game lol.

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I dont mind the Spartans, halo and gears kinda go hand in hand. Similar scifi themes. Gears is much darker, but the Spartans almost fit.


No they don’t. Not even a little bit. Ffs.


You’re about 6 months behind on the wtf is going on train … they’ve been there since release and didn’t fit then, and they still don’t fit now.


They should add Yoda!


I dont mind them, is a franchise owned by MS and having character cameos locked to multiplayer is ok for me. Having them on the campaign would be a completely different thing tho.

Guess they picked kat and emile because of the way they died. Head blown off and stabbed on the chest.

Emile is my fav character for horde and escape btw lol

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I disagree. Halo is a space Odyssey with hundreds of worlds and amazing technology. Gears is a low tech Scrappy, gory, dirty talking ,3rd person shooter. Halo is a first person, hip shooting, pg rated adventure. Good try though. Maybe some multivitamins will help you.

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Cant be that low tech with robots, cloaking devices, laser satellites. And the last time I checked halo reach was rated M.
Yea theres no F bombs and body dismemberment, but as for the casualties of war both reach and gears share that theam. Everyone dies in reach.
And as for Reach and gears 5 art styles they aren’t that far apart.
And overall it’s just MP most games have guests characters of some capacity. It’s not like they are crossing into the actual story.


I don’t like them either, the Halo and Terminator characters kill the immersion for me, I’ve stated that before, but without them the game would have launched with even less content.

It would have been amazing if the time spent on the Halo and Terminator characters had been used to make Gears characters we wanted. This game is designed to drip feed desired content.

Not good at all imho.


If u don’t count the flood or certain assassinations on Prometheans where u tear off limbs/ weapons and kills them with…I don’t mind the Spartans but the terminator characters they can buzz off


Hell yeah, I was doing plenty of that earlier with Sarah’s double capacity Buzzkill.

I just wish they’d play a terminator commercial between rounds of Koth.


I wonder if they took advertising money for it??

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It’s kind of weird seeing treminators running all around. Also is a hard skin to see (yeah you can hear it but you can also think is a DB…)
I Would have prefered another MS character for the Swarm, like Fulgore (KI) for instance :stuck_out_tongue:

Halo, dunno. It’s still strange…

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The game is the biggest garbage, I’ve been playing since the 1 hour but the dirt they put in here is the biggest betrayal of hardcore fans, idiotic weapon system, a crappy escape mode, Horde was completely messed up, and versus is the biggest Add to that the microtransactions, These brain-burned idiots bring Terminator Halo character and play advertising into a gears, for me the game has died and will definitely not buy any more and go back to gears 4th, and they have not caught the popular fashion leader brought in part 4, ■■■■ Coalition one more hardcore gamer less, game deleted, 30 other friends deleted it too,

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