Am I missing something about the fab?

Players that im matched with dont seem to want the fab anywhere but the middle of the map or the place when it is first spawned. Is it not best to do as in GoW 4 and use it to control/limit a spawn from one side? Im confused on Foundation that player dont want to force spawn from one direction.

The main difference between Gears 4 and 5 are the taps. You generally want the fabricator near your taps so they’re easier to protect and are usually your main source of power income.

Other than that, yes it’s usually a good idea to set up at most spawn points to limit the number of lanes the enemy has to get to you. Overhead cover from Kestrels, Guardians, and Sentinels should also factor in somewhat when possible.

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? @Looopeeeeeee

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I perfer at least having one tap in the base an trying to setup base in spawn or close to it

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You want to see where the taps spawn so it is best to pick it up and place it, I have seen players drag it to one end of the map which then spawns them on the opposite side then they move the fab to that side.

Sometimes the taps spawn in a terrible position so you build around them. You can also put the fab in a better location but still defend the taps with fortifications and roaming classes which is obviously much harder to do on the higher difficulties.

That sounds like they simply don’t know where to put it, so leave it where it is. This is fairly common behaviour on low level difficulties.

It’s worth remembering that the fabricator is the only fortification that will ‘spawn block’ in other words prevent enemies from spawning within a certain distance of it, so this can be used to your advantage in deciding where to place it.

There are four areas you can setup in on Foundation: where you spawn in, the same place on the opposite side and central left and right sides. Where you setup will depend on where the taps spawn. Personally I like to go to the place where you spawn in as I think that’s the strongest defendable position.

People do weird stuff in Gears 5 with the Fab…I can’t understand it…

Except when the Bosses spawn over the Fab… :unamused:

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But isn’t that a bug/glitch that shouldn’t happen?