Am i good enough yet?

im level 137 , i m a LEVEL 10 soldier , i have 5 maxed out cards for active reload , full ammo for lancer , and other solider things i just finally got the Hammer of dawn card , or are people still going to treat me like absolute dirt and leave my horde matches because i literally hurt myself by drinking because nobody wants to play with me

Huh. I don’t know if your Soldier build will help your drinking problem but it should help your Horde game so long as you’re being a good teammate.

Teamwork is more important than individual skill in horde. My controller broke last week so I haven’t been able to play multilayer. But, I could still get away with playing Horde with some remapped buttons. I was reminded that horde is more about the decisions you make than your build. Randoms actually stuck around, I still got mvp. Even though I kept pressing the wrong buttons.
If you struggle with Horde, think like a team player. Fill in the gaps, help others out. Be the guy that people want to play with.

im the best teammate in horde i beat it on insane 3 or 4 times on Gears of war 3 and i played 9000 waves on Gears of war 3 , i always revive i always take cover i always do nothing but fire , i do everything i can , yet i have no group to beat the game on insane or co-op with me nobody except randoms to play horde with i feel isolated just like in real life on all the gears games, its like a contest who the coolest is

This game is so hard.

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I hope you didn’t max out active reload and larger clip size, lol.

I’m not ripping on you though. I just never saw the point as your active ends before the clip on those. :rofl:

As for players not wanting to play with you that’s typical of public games. LFG that issue too but not everyone’s mean. My friend was once asked “what makes you think you’re worthy to help our team”. His response was “I’m not, bye”. Lol, and my friend is level 10 all around with most classes maxed out.

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So… if you want to be good enough, then you can take some advice.
Instead of only just maxed Level 10 Soldier.
Try getting all Classes to Level 10 too, including Engie, Scout, Sniper and Heavy.
Then you can fill in the blanks if you start with bad team composition.
Even if you beat Insane on Gears of War 3, even I have beaten it.
You need different things to beat Insane or Inconceivable, this time around and this Horde is much more complicated and harder.

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Eventually i will level up EVERYTHING and then i will be crazy good. i Have played so many horde waves from 2,3,4 i lost my mind . idk how the freak this happened but i was a lowly solider and almost beat horde on insane with 4 other randoms on blood drive made it to wave 40 . i would love to eventually get some ‘‘Seriously;’’ from the series, i am 20 onyx medals from it on Gears 3 . WAY TOO MANY ACHIEVEMENTS in 4. is it too late to beat the third game in 4 player co-op??? i have like 10 chapters left i need 3 other people for

Create an LFG post and make friends to do it or create a session on TrueAchievements.

im also at a disadvantage cause nobody i know in real life like the game

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Eh, I have one real life friend I play Gears 4 with and those online friends that used to play I met at various events which was cool. But most of my Gears friends are people I’ve never met in real life but rather through here or LFG.

Exactly - I can count 6 people out of like 80 on my friends list that I have met and are friends in real life living physical world and the rest are just really good online friends. However if I did meat them, I’m sure it would be like we knew each other for a long time!!

Haha, I’ve met several Xbox friends in real life. One of them shared a hotel room with me for a weekend at PAX EAST 2013 and it was like we’ve known each other all along. Too bad he won’t get off Destiny 2.

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What exactly is going on here?

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I don’t know but the original post made me think of this episode of George Lopez (skip to 4:20).

i have just gone insane , i have OCD and not seeing Achievements Unlocked Triggers me .

What achievements are you even trying to get?

gears of war 4 co-op ones and the one from GOW 3 for 4 player co-op and Maybe normal horde on 5 post launch maps ??

Oh, as I said use LFG on Xbox or TrueAchievements. You’ll have a better chance of finding someone there.

Edit: It looks as if you’re missing a lot of Gears 4 achievements so maybe if you want them LFG the Horde ones too. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help you rank up. I know I was a Level 7 Soldier and everything else Level 1 but in two weeks I had all Level 10 classes thanks to LFG and friends I met there.

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Okay i will Krylon and damn thats Fast

Yeah, we did Inconcievable War Machine Speed Runs with Iron Man active so I could get up there. Now I can run other maps easily so it was worth it.

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