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Am I deranged b/c I actually enjoy 5?

Facts are jus so hard to argue

@D_A_N_III_3_L I will need to get back to ELITE 4 at some point. I think RDR2 distracted me, then something else, then Gears 5, then Outer Worlds, then Gears 5 again and now Modern Warfare lol

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You have to get back to that game man @SYKoner Sniper Elite 4 its the game to beat… its truly worth it man :slight_smile: if you have it already owned it its worth the finish :smile:

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@D_A_N_III_3_L Own all of them. 2 is on disc and 3 and 4 are digital. Just need the right mindset for them.

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good taste of games man @SYKoner , we also have to wait for " DOOM MARINE" arrival on DOOM ETERNAL … . theres a lot to play hahahahaha

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@D_A_N_III_3_L Too much to play and not enough time. Almost glad Gears 5 is a wreck cause that means I have time for other games :rofl:


For those that have commented on this post being odd or me seeking validation, I was hoping the majority kinda understood that I was just having a little goof. God da%$…I know im not deranged. Their is just so much negativity about this game that I really enjoy and am really confused about at times about why their is still so much vitriol. Now granted, the 1st month of release was kind of a train wreck. Bullet magnetism, overpowered aim assist, crazy sponging, ghost shots, and high ping lobbies galore. But since then the game has performed pretty well. A glitch or bug here and there… but thats gonna happen in any online game. People didnt like the sluggishness of the characters. Now thats been sped up…but now youve got people ■■■■■■■■ about wanting it reverted. The game is actually a really good game imo. Im still confused about why people put 3 or 4 so far above 5. Versus in 5 is really good. Unless you just have a redass over the ranking system. And sorry, alot of guys that complain about the ranking system just cant come to terms with the fact that they arent as good as they think they are. Not everybody is Masters level. Some of you really are silver and bronze players. Not saying that is the case for everyone with an issue with ranking. But its the truth for most of them. Horde is alot of fun if you could just stop crying about locked classes. Learn to play as a couple of different classes. Adapt. Not every character can be an engineer and a scout and a tank. Problem solved. Escape is something different. Its fun for a change of pace. The 2 v 2 gnashers and FFA were a nice addition. The characters they have added in Op 2 are great. Lizzie is awesome. Baird…the locust drone, Jermad… New Kratus coming out soon. Even the store has been really good in OP 2. Alot more diversity. The skins have been really really good imo. The Maps…they are Okay. Some I think are pretty pretty good. A few are lackluster, and a few are retreads. Like I said. Im just not sure about what all the negativity is about. If you wanna get hung up on card packs instead of The TOD system…well thats your right. I like the TOD. Its pretty easy to finish. Is it a perfect game…nope…but not many are…obviously just my opinion though.

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I’m sorry man its not… It’s great for you that the game works… however its no fun , HORDE USED TO BE FUN… now on Gears 5 its not. I’m sorry man.

You’ll have to tell me which game you’re talking about man… if its Sunset Riders or CONTRA then you are on point… however if its Gears 5 once again I don’t think its a good game YET… PERHAPS in the Future… A VERY DISTANT FUTURE with LOTS of updates ahead.

We shouldn’t learn that… the game was great before and such classes or any FORTNITE MECHANICS were not present on GOW 1, 2, 3 or 4 … so if something works , it shouldn’t be messed around … specially to a Special Game like this… that for many of us its a LEGACY .

It should … why not ? … this kind of limited thinking its what TC wants to scoop around… and we can’t man… this ain’t Checkers… its Chess man.


So if Horde before 5 had locked classes, it wouldnt be an issue? Just b/c its different in 5 and not the exact same as 4? Thats what makes it “Bad”…i see…so all sequels should be the exact same as its predecessor. Makes sense…Like I said specifically before…its only my opinion that 5 is a pretty good…pretty fun game. I go back and play 4 here and there, and there isnt anything about 4 that just makes me go, " damn…this is soooo much better than 5".

the point of the matter its that horde was working great in 4 , the only thing needed from TC its to gives us a horde with enhanced graphics, same mechanics , new maps and new weapons. and that’s about it…

Instead they gave us a " look a like " fortnite pile of crap which makes Gears 5 horde behave as some other game we don’t know…

It’s unfortunately for them making that mistake… now they have to gather the bad crops this time…

Gears of War its a special game which has been proven to work before in other editions… I don’t see why to mess with something beautiful as the game itself.

Its like messing how to the rook moves on Chess…nobody would dare doing that… since its a mysterious and wonderful thing the inner mechanics of the game itself.

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Not really sure where the fortnite comparisons come in. If your talking about monetization, thats pretty much going on in every game now. If thats the complaint then their arent going to be many games left you will enjoy. A few single player games are still out there. The new Star wars game from Respawn doesnt have microtransactions. It also doesnt have a multiplayer element. But based on everything you like, you dont even need a new Gears game. Just play 4… i guess I didbt realize how much weight was being put on the changes to Horde. I guess I understand now why its bad…

I think we all deserve a GOOD GEARS 5 game… since they aren’t giving us any favors by releasing a broken game. all of us have given money, time and thought regarding this game , I think TC the least they can do its to fix the game regardless wether we play Gears of War 4 or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on a Super Nintendo.

that is truly irrelevant to the issue at hand.

Gears 5 is fun. People complained non stop about 4 aswell. Its normal

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I’m sorry but gears 5 and good game don’t fit into the same sentence.


But Gears 4 was not downgraded to a third of its price just 2-3 months after its release.

The consensus is that negativity is what gets people talking on this forum, and pretty much every forum. People that are happy about something usually dont take to the forums to gush. The price drop for gears really doesnt carry much weight with me. Gears is in an odd spot being that its a microsoft exclusive and on the game pass. The monetization of gears isnt through physical sales of the game.
People wanted more speed, and now that it has happened their is another contingency claiming they dont want the speed.
People want to talk about Gears 5 and its ranking amongst the most played xbox games. Somebody please tell me where 4 peaked on that list and how long it stayed there. I doubt it was better than 5, yet 4 all of a sudden is the litmus test.
People incessantly complained about the state of 4. Now all of a sudden 4 is the standard that 5 should replicate. I know some people say 3. But I hear 4 the most. People hated the loot boxes in 4. Now everybody hates the TOD in 5. Some will say its because the content is lackuster. I have enjoyed the content. You dont have to spend money to unlock characters. You can grind for them just like in 4. Except now their isnt any rng that predicates whether you get what you wanted or not.
People complained about the lack of content in the store. I think the store since OP 2 dropped has been pretty good.
The thing that I can see being annoying are the locks in Horde, Now I didnt say this should be a universal annoyance. Just possibly a personal annoyance. I(just me and my opinion(I have fun with Horde.)
The maps in 5 are allright. II really ike Icebound., Asylum, and lVasgar. Exhibit is pretty cool. District and Bunker are just okay. Allfathers Arena is really fun for KOTH. I think the FFA maps are pretty good as well. Just dont see the maps being that terrible either.

It’s great man as I told you before that you have a good time on the game ( I’m actually happy for you ) :slight_smile:

however if we were happy with the game WE WOULDN’T BE HERE man… so perhaps you should stick with the game and continue to be happy . :slight_smile:

Its ok gears 4 wasnt that good either. Gears 1. 2 . And 3 are the best then 5 then 4 then judgement

In Gears 4, classes is not strongly connected to characters. So you can freely choose from characters and classes. So if you like JD then you can be a heavy JD, a scout JD, an engineer JD, etc… in Gears 4.

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Even during Judgment there was more positivity on Gears forums. With Gears 5, not that many even bother to complain anymore. There’s just not much interest in the game.

It stayed on higher ranks for much longer despite not being a game pass title. Gears 5 peaking higher doesn’t mean anything as it’s on gp and tanked quickly.

Gears 5 doesn’t have skins/characters locked behind paywall? Also Gears 4 wasn’t that much grind, you got coins playing any multiplayer mode and you could scrap unwanted cards & craft most items.