Am I deranged b/c I actually enjoy 5?

Just wondering? I actually have a lot of fun playing 5… Is their something wrong with me? Or is it the vocal minority is just really really loud.? Thoughts anyone?


No, there’s nothing wrong with you for enjoying a game others don’t (as much). I don’t think you need this type of validation.

My questions to you are: How are you enjoying the game?

What are you doing in the game that’s very enjoyable to you?

If the thing/things you’re enjoying in the game have a fair amount of critique, what is your position there? Do you agree with any of the critique? Or is everything just peaches and cream for you all around?

People majorly only come to the forums to discuss things that hamper their enjoyment of the game, that’s just the way it’s been.

Apparently, some people make fun of those who enjoy the game. You can just ignore them. They are quite negative and don’t seem to enjoy the game themselves.


Sir. U arnt the only one. I really like gears 5. If anything. They need to lower the delays even more.
If tc didnt even mention the up A boost.
Not one person would have noticed. As soon as they said something about it. All these goof balls came out the wood work.
The game still feels a bit slow imo. And i am in NO way a hyper bouncer at all.


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You are a sadist that’s what you are. Lol glad you are enjoying it, I dont see how unless you dont play verses then I can maybe see it. Several issues this game is plagued by but if you are enjoying it I am glad to hear it!

i dont think you’re deranged in the slightest, i feel the majority of us like certain aspects of the game. But as an overall game it seems unfinished

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What modes do you play the most?


this is truly a strange thread since you are saying " I actually have fun playing Gears 5 " … I mean I think that is great my friend… its not something we see here in this forum a lot .

since you are liking the game I don’t have anything else to say to you man… other than I’m happy for you that you are having a good time, as for myself I think its a game that is long ways to go yet to be in my standards as a " good game at least ":

I think Ill go back now to study more chess play techniques.

Regards my friend.

Daniel :slight_smile:


He must be sick in the head.


In the UK, people have been detained under the Mental Health Act for far less. :neutral_face:


But on a serious note, there is some fun to be had with the game. It can be extremely frustrating at times, feels incomplete and TC seem to have a habit of breaking more things in the process of fixing others.

Campaign aside, it’s definitely weaker than GOW4 though.

And truthfully, I have played far worse games than this. People who proclaim it to be “OMG worst game evurrr!” are also nutt-jobs and also deserving of a good old sectioning (under the Mental Health Act).

Also perspective counts for alot too. If you consider it as a standalone game then it’s probably above average. But when you look at it in the context of it being a GOW game, then it pales in comparison to most past GOW games and is pretty poor.


so the OP should be in a mental institution (psychiatric ward) if he was living in UK am I right ? @Bleeding_Pepper

now man you offending me man… c’mon :smile:

Well, given the bugginess of the game it’s only a matter of time before it crashes, causing the OP to go postal and become a risk to himself and/or others. :wink:



he could go beserk like " DOOM MARINE " and start giving fear to the society as a whole hahahhaha

thanks @Bleeding_Pepper

I’m pretty happy that you’re having a good time with the game. There are a couple of people on my friend’s list that have a great experience when they play.

The issue is that I think a very small minority of people are NOT experiencing some or most of the issues that the majority of players are experiencing.

As an example, I have a friend who is a Diamond Master player that I’ve been playing with since the beginning (Gears 1 - not ‘of time’). We’ve always had similar stats. In this game, he dominates and I struggle to hold a 1.0 k/d in KOTH. I send him clips of people clipping through walls to kill me, sponged shots, pepsimen in every match, pickup weapons that aren’t there but look like they are, enemies spawning right behind me, etc. etc. etc…

He simply replies by saying “I don’t know man… that sucks. I don’t see any of that stuff when I play.”

So, I don’t know if it’s his location, connection or what, but he clearly doesn’t experience the same issues that I do. For me, those technical issues - combined with some of the seedy MS / TC money grubbing decisions - COMPLETELY BREAK the game; I now only play when I have a crew on (which many of my core gears friends have moved on to other games) and even then, I usually only play a match or two before getting over it. That didn’t even happen with Judgment.

Even though there is no game with a CQC system like Gears, if the system doesn’t work then it defeats the purpose of playing; there are a lot of other good games out there that function as intended.


Nope there is nothing wrong. I actually like the game also. I started liking it alot since the movement update that’s why I so worried what TC will do next. If the next update is a step backwards I guess I’ll spend most of my free time fishing and hunting in Red dead 2 and deal with the griefers

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Honestly the up a doesn’t bother me. Your actually right it became Hugh when TC mentioned it. I been up a alot here and there but it wasn’t a all day thing in match. It’s less than one time a game not a round for me. After a while in a 1v1 situation you figure out who is using that up a in a match and I’ll do my best to counter. I only play Koth maybe that’s why it doesn’t bother me.


Honestly Delta it’s crazy. I see all these vs complaints. The game runs decent most of the time for me only when I’m solo queue. It’s shocking sometimes, but the minute I partner up with others even if there on the West coast with me something happens. The game runs slower like running in quicksand. Shots not firing. Pellets landing and no damage. So most of the time I play solo and I really actually enjoy this ■■■■.

I actually love this game when it works. It offers something no other game can do and if I am not playing Gears I’m likely not playing anything at all. The issue the game runs so poorly day to day that it’s impossible to know which version of the game you’ll get. If they can figure out the consistency issues the games amazing to me. If they can’t figure those out it’s only amazing 3-4 days a week when it actually seems to work decently.