Am I deaf or are people actual ninjas?

Y’all, am I the only one that can’t hear anyone?

Is the audio a bit wonky? Someone could be running up behind me but they sound hella far away.

Or someone could just approach me and I would never hear a single footstep while they were sprinting.

Idk if it’s just me or not but it’s kinda bothersome. I do try to listen as much as I can especially in ranked FFA.

However, it could just be me.

P.S. - Please try and fix/address the current gnashers inconsistency TC, I Beg lol

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I am a ninja assassin you’ll never hear me coming. But seriously sometimes the audio lags out it’s not just you. I don’t play alot of pvp so the worst for me is when a sire creeps in behind you and you don’t know till it’s grabbed you super annoying wiped many a solo escape that way.


You’re definitely not alone. The audio in this game is more inconsistent than any previous title, especially for footsteps and frags.


I be getting killed from 9 nautical miles away with frags.

They be throwing mini nukes at my ■■■ lol


Dear TC!
Please give the same asthma for Sires as the Imagos have already got!


I love when I get ninja`d by a terminator and when it goes to the kill cam all you can hear is that swishing sound they make.


It’s as @GB6_Kazuya said, the audio in this game is all over the place and it’s not just you. Footsteps and grenade sounds especially are frequently difficult to make out where they are coming from.


Yes, drives me insane. I have the exact experience as you.

They also explode in 1 second sometimes then other times 3 seconds…then sometimes immediately.


Haha, aye the damage itself is also inconsistent. In my experience, my frags make the tiniest little pop and nothing happens apart from wet confetti being visible on the floor.


Indeed, which doesn’t help in the heat of battle…

I have to play with turtle beach superhuman hearing mode, no joke. Works like a charm though

I don’t have any issues hearing footsteps. Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint EXACTLY where they are but I can always have an idea and sometimes I DO know exactly where they are. I rarely if ever get that surprise gib from behind in part because I’m checking visual surroundings as well.

It helps to tweak your audio settings in the options menu.

You’re not the only one

with all the different types of audio configurations possible (headphones, virtual surround, speakers) it’s possible that some are not conducive to how footsteps are heard.

for example connecting your headsets to the controller is the wort way to listen to audio in video games. they lack quality and the proper power to drive some headsets.

there’s also multiple virtual surround codecs on Xbox and some might not be idea or tested correctly.

You’re not. it’s the audio from the game. It’s all over the place ATM.

The audio just doesn’t work properly, plain and simple.

Hmm, have you considered all three might be happening at the same time? You could be going deaf, there may be some ninjas playing Gears 5, and also the audio may not be working properly. Granted, the odds of all three occuring at once would be extremely low, but yet still possible. Just putting that out there!

Deadass man I think the ninjas actually be out here

Bro they be ninjas

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