Am i crazy or does the shotty

Feel waaaaaaaaaaaay better now?

Maybe placebo?

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Is the update even active?

They said 2.5 to 3 hours after the TU.

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Yes, the update is available to download.

You’re right, I’m just crazy i guess but damn i swear it feels better… And I’m only slightly drunk


What type of shots are feeling better?

The update is, but not due to be applied yet.


Either way,

Good that it feels better for you!

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What do you mean? If it takes long to start the download, restarting console worked for me.

I think he is referring to the delay between update and certain things going live like the kantus character.

Oh, okay. The Kantus Totem should be in about less than an hour.

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You’re misunderstanding.

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The Gnasher update is out but not applied yet.

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12:30-1 PT for update to become in effect.

Well F me,…I have a buddy who has not downloaded the update yet and it says we cannot play together so if nothing has changed why in the heck can’t we play together?

Oh well…

There is a new update everyone has to download to continue playing. Its contains the “new” icebound map, the bolter, Kantus and other store items as well as misc changes. The gnasher update is supposed to be a service update that goes live later.

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Nevermind… Everything feels exactly the same.

Like crap


Yes it’s working a lot better for me

Maybe i played too soon.

Will try again tomorrow… Not holding breath

Yea only played 3 rounds of koth but it felt better tiem will tell

The shotty is back on track, now I’m feeling it with my own heart!!!
Played some matches stomped on some and get stomped back xD, feels great for the K&M users…