Always the same problems

Like everyone else i love it when a new challenge comes out,but the same problems arise everytime.The servers cant cope with loads of players on at the same time,this new horde boss rush is another example,games crashing,lobbies not loading.TC are going to have to find a fix for it,especially with5 on it’s way,just all out of patience with enduring the same old problems now…

I had none of those issues.

What I got is a lot of noobs…

I dont have any problems aswell. Been playing a few hours earlier without any problems


Only issue I’m having is extremely high ping players in 2v2. I’m talking 300-900ms without going lower. But otherwise it’s been fine but that’s not to say the same issues aren’t present as they always are.

Lagging reward menu is appearing far too much than it usually does with boss rush here for some reason.

got both skins,so i can go back2normal…lol