Always get kicked from matches, since this games been out!

Am I the only one that gets kicked out of ranked matches almost every single time? And it’s been doing this since the game came out! And NOW when it kicks you it penalizes you instead of letting you join back so I already have to wait a hour to get into matchmaking! This game is ruined for me now and really always has been witch is sad because I love this game but for some reason I can’t stay in matches because of the jank servers and now I have to deal with getting penalized for it. Until this crap is fixed I’m never playing this again honestly. Really sad this game is like this, could be great,

but y’all don’t wanna fix the crap that needs to be fixed!!

If this has been happening since launch maybe its your connection.

Are you hardwired or wifi?

Im on WiFi with a Xbone X but have 30MBPS and 2-3 MBPS upload speed. I should not have connection problems I have no issues with other games, plus I don’t even lag it just straight up kicks me every time. I was thinking maybe it could be that I have the game downloaded on an external hard drive tho cause I had the same issue with Warzone until I switched it to internal. Still it’s bs that you can’t even join back in matches anymore