Alt tab in a squad, get kicked, and cannot rejoin the game

You guys should fix that nonsense.

Talk to Microsoft and figure it out already.


Also, please fix the freezing - nothing beats playing this maxed out 4K 60FPS on a PC !!!


It’s even better at 100fps. :smiley:

(I kid… I’m only bumpin’ 1080 at 115-120.)

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Yeah, or even 240 FPS :raised_hands:

You heard it here first:

Gears 6 Maxed Out 8K @ 240 FPS.


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lmao that is the perfect Gif reaction :joy::joy::joy::raised_hands:

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Octus responded on reddit5 days ago and said it was the first he had heard of the problem and that TC can’t reproduce it.

This has been an issue for PC users for a month now. DJ Sani posted about this almost a month back

Every PC user I have played with has this issue.

This is incredibly frustrating that not only is another gamebreaking bug impacting PC users, but TC seemingly has no idea it even exists.


I was also told on Twitter that they’d be looking into the IBIRI ban. (Mine is always temporary…like 30 to 60 minutes or so and then it works fine again).

Which I strongly believe coincides with this bug. Disconnected. Cannot rejoin. Temp ban for quitting. Only it doesn’t quite meet the criteria so IBIRI pops from the errhandler rather than an assumed normal message like “You’ve been banned for quitting”.

I have the steps to recreate the issue.

  1. Be on a PC and join a squad on xbox-live beta, then join the gears party and wait until you are showing up on the squad in-game.
  2. Alt-Tab out of the game.
  3. Alt-tab back into the game.

Bingo bango.

Same for me except xbox live app rather than the beta app.

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That’s perfect though.

So we know it isn’t due to the beta version of win10 app.

We’re already whittling this down, lol.

Its only started happening as if the latest major windows update.

Between the “bug infested” microsoft store and the “I’m crashing all the time” xbox app I can’t blame TC at all, it’s all microsoft’s fault.

As for the AltTab bug, only solution is to play on windowed mode.

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I suppose I can try that and see if it avoids the problem. Though, I think I remember the last time i did have it windowed it was kind of… ‘choppy’ at times.

I also agree on the MS bit. They need to send a team into Valve or even EA to learn a thing about making a solid gaming distribution and support. These guys make it work on Microsoft’s own product… yet Microsoft can’t??

TC has it’s own issues and learning curves/bumps/potholes - but combine it with the problems from Microsoft or their lack of giving TC the support and resources needed = a total crap show at times.

Yes that is true, it happens to me once every 60-90 minutes and it lasts for 3-4 seconds. It sucks I know but at least I don’t have to worry about being disconnected if I decide to check a webpage, add some music or whatever it is you do on a PC while playing gears XD.

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That’s why I use my Xbox Controller just in case this happens :laughing:

“It works on my PC” ~ TC

Can’t reproduce it?. I can reproduce it at will. @the-coalition @TC_Vectes @TC_Octus @TC_Robbo @TC_MichaelAOS here’s how to reproduce it:

  • Open Xbox app
  • Open Gears (mine is set to full screen mode)
  • Accept an invite from a friend
  • Stay in any menu in gears or in a match
  • Alt+Tab to Xbox app to message someone or whatever
  • Alt+Tab back to gears
  • Get the “you have been removed from the squad as you lost connection to Xbox live” message
  • Under the above conditions, this happens like 80% of the time.
  • Rage at this games growing number of bugs that you know won’t be fixed on PC
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I got diconnected in Horde during E3 and then yesterday the game froze at wave 26 in a public match…It’s almost like Gears is passively telling me to just stop playing and uninstall it already

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It sucks so much when it happens and it always happens at the wrong time too

I presume this issue is only related to PC squad from different regions.

This issues begun to pop up after latest Gears/windows creator update.
An addhock solution is to make the game windowed by pressing alt + enter.


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I’m lucky I play with Controller so this can’t accidently happen to me because it sucks so much :see_no_evil: