Alright you have fundamentally broken your game

I played two games of KOTH. I have taken quite the hiatus for quite awhile. this is suposed to be constructive but you need to know how poorly you made this game.

Weapons tuning is atrocious. I had one guy in the ring capping so I shot the ring with a boomshoot. Doesn’t kill him. Power weapons especially explosive weapons need to be feared. I shouldn’t have to shot near center of the ring with a guy just on the edge of it and not kill him.

Hammerburst / Lancer insanely weak. Absolutely weak. I shot a character with hammer burst i put a good three solid bursts into her maybe missing a shot on two of the bursts with one of the bursts squarely in the head… my opponent didn’t go down I got a few rounds on the fourth burst but it wasn’t a solid four. Lancer well it doesn’t seem to do much damage. I don’t feel afraid of getting into a gnasher fight with someone who is getting some lancer support from their buddy like I did in four.

Gnasher tuning. Is custom made for bot walking. I got destroyed by pure bot walkers. no skill whatsoever. That’s not what makes Gears exciting. If you want to make Gears of war playable. Go to the tuning of Gears of War 4 core mode. The strength of the gnasher, the time it took you to recock your gnasher in between shots, and the speed in which you roadie strafed or wall bounced, made for an exciting game. Dueling with shotguns is what made Gears of War what it is. After that fundamental aspect of the game is solid, things like teamwork and tactics can be built off of that.

But your tuning is custom made for pure botwalkers.


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