Ally XP Boost %

What Ally XP Boost % have you achieved with a friend? I’ve played over 2000 waves of Horde with @Slipping_Flames and we are at 6% boost, only about half way to the next level.

I’m curious what it takes (how many horde waves or other) to reach 8% and beyond. Is there a cap?

I’m on Level 4 as my highest.

That’s going to be a big grind to hit Level 5.

15,000 XP I think.


Apparently there’s a set number of points you get for each of the four categories (Horde waves, Escape chapters, Campaign chapters, and Versus wins). I can’t remember them all but I’m pretty sure Horde waves give 3 points per wave.

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This is also one of the worst achievements in Gears period. Having played a match with a team of allies that are level 5 or whatever.


Would like to know more about this. I have been curious if working in diversity made a difference.

0-1 = 125 ally xp
1-2 = 500 ally xp
2-3 = 3000 ally xp
3-4 = 7500 ally xp
4-5 = 15000 ally xp

To earn Ally xp you can do the following:

Completing a Campaign chapter will give you 10 ally xp
Winning a Versus round in Multiplayer will give you 10 ally xp
Completing 1 chapter in Escape will give you 10 ally xp
Completing 1 wave of Horde will give you 3 ally xp (full horde be 150 ally xp.)


Well I’m 8% with two people and 6% with one person. From what I remember.

Wow. That’s after a ton of master escape runs.

3 points per horde wave
10 points per campaign chapter
10 points per escape chapter
10 points per versus round won

That’s what I could find.

Sorry. Posted before I saw your chart. Thanks!

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U only get 5pts a round on execution and escalation. Guardian is best at 30 pts.

Kinda funny they reduced the amount needed for level 1 and level 2 (250 to 125) and (1000 to 500) but left the later levels untouched. Which is obviously the main grind, 15.000 for a single level is insane.


I agree.

This is slightly unrelated but interesting to know,

If you block someone and add them back, you’d still have the same amount of % XP as before. So it’s reversible and not completely lost.

Don’t ask how I found out or why I’d do this.

I am glad it works like this and not completely lost. I almost regretted it. Then I was saved,

With one person, 1,100+ Escape Chapters. So could be 550+ Incon or Master Escape.

Another person, 1,600+ Escape Chapters. So 800+ Incon or Master Escape.

Almost 1,000 matches with another player. But they weren’t all Master though.

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My group is almost done BFFs now in less then a month so far :3. Were are 32% as a group it’ll go up to 40 after

I’m pretty sure most people are boosting this in Co-op VS AI, selecting for guardian, and intentionally losing rounds to get the most out of each guardian type match (voting for guardian after of course if available)

That does sound stupid, am I the only one who hasn’t looked at the chevo list yet lol, nor will I, not even got round to checking 4s yet :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You don’t get honour for losing a round…

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Ah, are you sure? I remember a group I was talking to that farmed the BFF achievements as a set of 5 players telling me something about guardian. I may be mis-remembering, but they definitely said they were boosting it in co-op vs ai.

That’s what I heard too. It’s all about winning rounds. Losing doesn’t lose you honour points, just it prolongs the game. Winning 3-0 is (at least on paper) quicker than winning 3-1. You get the same points either way.

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