Ally level seems stuck

I’ve a buddy who I play Gears with practically every night since the game launched. We have thousands of Horde waves cleared.

Our ally level is 9. We’ve not seen it move in ages. What more do we need to do to make it go up a bit?

You need 20,000 allies XP to get from 9 to 10, have you checked where the progress bar is at?

Its around 14k, but hasn’t moved in months_

Then I just don’t have an answer. Seems weird that it would just stop.

Does it have a variety requirement? We mostly play horde, very little of anything else

Afaik, no, but I heard people say once there was a cap for allies XP playing the Campaign in coop which makes me wonder if the same applies to other modes. Not sure if this would still be accurate now, though. Not something I can really help with.

Just for fun, how many waves have you done together?

I thought it was 5k but i now doubt myself, so i’ll check on my xbox soon enough

Ally XP works by completing horde waves, escape chapters and versus rounds.

@AmicableWall421 theory of a cap makes sense so why not try completing a hive and playing some rounds of Versus AI?

Keep in mind that today the servers are screaming for mercy so I doubt anything will track correctly.


7,195 horde waves

So that’s something around 21k total XP.

Did you check at the end-results screen your progress with your ally? Afaik you can check how much XP it moved up. Could compare two matches and check whether it stood the same.

Wow! The biggest amount I’ve seen that still gives XP was 4,000, so there might be a level cap, but I can’t say for sure.

Yeah back in Op 2-4 we used to do speed runs every night. Hold #1 speed position on several, if not all, of the launch maps

@CommanderCH2863: it doesn’t seem to move at all, stayed around 14k. We’ve been doing a bit of escape to get the medals, but that hasn’t made much impact on the numbers.