Ally Level 9 is no longer leveling up

My partner in crime and I are at level 9 and 14% ArmyDog90’98 and Wryomnivore are allies but we are no longer leveling up our allies bonuses. We hit halfway on level 9 and ate at 14% and that’s it. It shows we could level from 30,320 to 47,500 but we don’t level anymore. Is it broken or by design?

Any update on this? I dont have any allys this high of level but has it been fixed?

Never heard anything. I guess that is the. limit.

It isn’t, but there’s a cap on each mode. So you have to play each mode for a little while to reach Lv10.

It is very much possible as I’ve already reached Lv10 with someone else without any kind of boosting.