Allsfather arena 3in1

Where is this 3in1 map, like stated in the tod2 trailer video?. I have played allsfather arena more then 10 times and the layout is the same. Everything is the same so what gives? Did TC lie to us ? Like fr

The maps center has 3 variants . Hill, flat, and slopped down. Sides are different but It’s a lazy 3 in 1 imo. Too similar!?!?!?

I like the map overall but differences each round are very small for sure.

If you only play horde and build at spawn then yeah, it’s always the same.

Now play versus and you’ll notice differences like grenades at the center being at a higher position then flat on the ground or the boom being wide open and next round surrounded with cover positions. The same goes for the longshot.

3 in 1? Technically correct. Small changes but they are there.

Cover Locations by Boom, nades, and Longshot are always completely different for me every round. This is by far my favorite map. I can honestly say I had some real fun intense Gnasher battle’s while trying to avoid cross fire on this map. The ability to wall bounce around all the cover specially in center map by nades(when it’s low cover) is so much fun, hectic and rewarding if matchmaking is working correctly and you have some serious players on both sides.

The field, the hall, and the room change each game :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember them saying there’s supposed to be like 27 variations? Did I make that up? Halp

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Technically, no, you didn’t make that up. Every part that can switch has three different combinations, so technically, 3x3x3 = 27 different possible combinations. They likely mainly just do a difference for Versus though, seeing as most engis will not go beyond the immediate spawn vincinity in Horde.

In Custom Horde, there is even a “Map options” for override the layout.
So there are 3 field, 3 room and 3 hallway configurations.

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That’s cool. I’m gonna see what theyre all named later. I made up my own names for them til now, like wolf, gold, fountains…

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Whoa, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

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Yes, the differences aren’t statistically significant, so it’s a little misleading, but it IS FACTUALLY correct there are 3 “different” maps there, in one…

But that’s like if they flipped the direction of the trains on Asylum and called it a different map…

Keep it down man, else they might take your idea and release “Daytime Asylum”. :smile:

Don’t the trains go in two different directions? :cowboy_hat_face:

Yeah but each of them always goes the same direction, hence the joke is on making a change on something that most people never even noticed in the first place.

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Snowy Asylum… Foggy Asylum… Windflare Asylum…

Change the shape of the trains’ cars (fuel or cargo or live stock or passenger)… Put steam locomotive in…

the possibilities are ENDLESS :slight_smile:


Train accident. Train accident with a big explosion! :smirk: