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ALLOW US 2 PICK Servers again

(Demize UK) #1

Seriously in 2019 most games you can pick what servers you play on I should not have 2 play on 130-140 ping at peak EU hours. WE WANT 2 play on are servers??? Not the game decide for us. If we cant find a game then we will mchange to US or w.e but its not that dead 2 not be able 2 find a game… On eu servers theres still a decent ammount… espically in tdm and koth… If i wanted 2 play on lag and go play Gow2 saying that i use 2 get host more then half the time so am lagging more on Gow4 US dedicated servers then I did on Gow2??? Huuh :joy: fix this for Gow5 we should at least be able 2 pick are server.

(Redfox888) #2

Yes please

(III EnVii III) #3

They should seriously look to merge a couple servers together.

EU + US East

US South & Central

And so on…

Or let us choose because the only reason you change servers from your local one is to get matches - well, Genuine players anyway :sweat_smile:

(iUltraxx) #4

Yes, Sir! Bring it back.