Allow teams of 5 in all quickplay game modes

I have recently started playing Gears 5 again with some old friends. We are having quite a bit of fun. One massive annoyance though is that we are pretty much limited to Guardian and maybe KotH if we only have 4. One of our players is trying to learn the game and Guardian is very punishing when you have a new player. We can’t play TDM at all and would love to take our team into KotH which is our favorite game mode. I don’t understand why there are party restrictions for game modes. We end up getting tired of Guardian and just go play Halo or CoD where we are allowed to play game modes together.

TC, you are literally chasing off people who WANT to play your game online and your limitations are sending us to other games. I like Gears and I wanna play Gears but not if it means we have to exclude someone just to play our favorite game mode.


this is something beyond TC’s comprehension, sorry, but now its about having a hyper balanced matchups in lieu of that thing you call fun

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That’s a damn shame. My old friends and I have been playing Gears together since 2006 and we were all thrilled to get back into 5 together. I didn’t think we’d have so much of an issue simply playing the game together. I could understand ranked limitations to a degree, but social is just that, social.

Both Bungie and 343 made the same mistake in Halo with party limitations but very quickly did away with them within reason after community backlash. TC doesn’t seem to pay attention.

they pay attention. it’s just that they only pay attention to the comp community and their opinions