Allow people 2 pick there server

Am legit sick of playing on servers that I aint from. I had 2 put up with this since you changed it in Gears 4 and play on US servers like most of the time even IF THERES 1-2 US players and the rest are EU how does it put us on US SERVERS… Now we cant pick on Gears 5 either? This was my main issue with 4 in pubs… Pls allow us 2 pick are damn servers again.

It will sadly ruin multiplayer for me as I dont wanna lag while playing a game in 2019. I can go play other games and play on EU servers its legit stupid…

Or you could just ban my account from all servers but EU. That would also be great thanks :+1:


I had this too today, 2 players with 30 ping and 8 including me with 150-170ms ping :rofl:
As you said 8 europeans + 2 americans in a US server. and you know what is even more stupid. anygame below 150ms ping is 4 bars in the server browser. thats why we get matched in amercan servers, because the matchmaking is programmed to think that anything below 150ms is good enough.


I would like to be able to lock down to your own regional servers at least if TC don’t allow to change to other regions.