Allow Muting of Expression Emotes

Please allow mute to also mute another players Expression Emote … played a horde the other day where a player just spammed “hey” every few seconds

Or add a cool down to use of the emotes ?

What I hate hearing is, “Group up!”, “Group up!”, “Group up!”.

It’s annoying in Escape. But doesn’t happen often.

No way. I paid good scrap to be able to spam “you magnificent beast” to my team with Chrome Steel Fahz, and you can’t take that away from me.


Lol. I’m sorry that’s me when I get to the Safe Room and other players or just that one player is far away exploring or lost . I spam the “Group Up” to get them to hurry up.

I don’t know. Some of us have maxed characters and know what we are doing.

I use group up if I’m trying to use Resupply.

Me too!!

There is a spam filter. If you do it enough you have to wait 10 sec to be able to re do it. It’s the first thing to check when there’s emote possibility.

Mute function should definitely be implemented. So players that don’t feel like see or hear expression don’t need to

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