Allow Duplicate Characeters in Horde/escape

Why are duplicate characters not allowed in horde or escape? I think Gears 5 would be more fun if this was allowed. We should be able to play the game the way we want and not be restricted as much.

Also, I think players wouldn’t want to duplicate as much if the characters were more balanced. JD is obviously the best character in horde (even after the massive nerf) with Keegan, Kait, Baird, and Lizzie not too far behind, but other characters like Marcus and Fahz are completely useless. If these characters were more useful, players would be less inclined to duplicate characters.

And please give us the option to turn off the voice that keeps reading “DUPLICATE CHARACTERS NOT AVAILABLE” . This is nothing but annoying.



The last part with the voice comes on due to the text to talk turned on.

Just turn that off in the settings and you should be fine.

I have “Text to Speech” and “Speech to Text” both turned off and I still hear the annoying voice lol.

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Then that’s just weird. Maybe @Ektope can help.

I doubt he can because this is an issue TC has introduced with Operation 3, or rather in Operation 2 as the obnoxious narrator already started reading out things then with the Xbox narrator and in-game options turned off.

I’ve got mine turned off as well, but this bit of “narration” still occurs.

So you want Horde to be 4 JDs and an engineer? How is this more fun?

I agree with the premise of no duplicates, but not with the execution of it by TC. Players should lock in a character before beginning searching, and you find a game after it matches 5 players or 3, if you are playing escape, who queued with different characters.

And it should be mandatory 1 and only one is an engineer

There are synergies to playing more than one engineer. People who like to play horde with a strong base often use two engineers.

I’m for duplicates in custom matches. If it’s private, what does it matter?