Allies xp should not take this long to get

We’ve started a discussion with the team on this to see if adjusting the Ally Level Requirements is on the table.


What about the people that have already unlocked this achievement spending hours upon hours grinding points to get 4 lvl 5 allys like myself and the few others who have 1000/1000 gamerscore ??

Would feel like a slapp in the face if u decide to lower it now, surely you guys at TC must of thought that 26125 points that you only get by wining is a bit high to get 4 friends to lvll 5 BEFORE launch??

Pretty sure you guys did the maths “26k points for 1 ally is 1300 WINS if playing tdm or koth” yeah lets go with that…:+1:

You’re getting a congratulatory pat on the back, dude. Nothing else.

Hopefully its from big rod himself :joy::bearded_person:

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Thanks guys for looking into it.

You guys already nerfed level 1 (250 to 125) and level 2 (1000 to 500), so changing it won’t be a difficult thing I guess…

It is needed, cause it’s just no fun to play 80 hours of Coop vs AI, people are getting burned out on the game
and I don’t think you guys want that.

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Please report back to us with any update you get

How long does it take to discuss that?
9 days and still no response…

They are very busy, we just have to be patient :wink:

16 days ago…
I bet that’s enough patience for anyone…
I had been a big defender of the game until after Christmas when I realised bugs weren’t getting fixed and player base was ignored.
I really think TC aren’t taking their jobs seriously

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Bump. Hopefully this is resolved soon!

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This will never be changed.

Just one of those things that’s sounds good to say they will address. Best case scenario is they fix it long after it no longer matters.

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26 days ago,

any news on this?

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Apparently the CM posted on Twitter earlier today. He said they would talk about it. Sounds familiar?

Created a Master thread for feedback on this topic!