Allies xp should not take this long to get

It’s so hard to keep a team over 3500 waves of horde and only lvl 4 really


TC have commented on this and advised that was build intentionally this way and should take a year or two.

What a bunch of azzholes.

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Boost should apply to Ally XP. In other words, we should be getting double Ally XP with boost.

I dont really know why everyone is in such a rush. Just play the game if you like the game. Stop worrying about such minor things. Everything is not meant to be accomplished overnight. Wanting to make everything easy takes the fun out of achievements.

Not fun for achievement hunters…I’d say that.

Its not the time commitment that is the issue. The issue is having to play with the SAME 4 people for a ridiculous amount of time. The same friends are not on at the same time all the time. People have life commitments.

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Why do u have to play with the same four people? You dont you could play with four different people and over time u get the achievement. You only have to play a single match with 5 level 5 allies.

And if u dont think you can get the achievement which is meant for playing in a full squad then thats one achievement you dont get. Big whoop.

Normies who don’t care about achievements will never understand.

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Do you understand how much time it takes to get to level 5 with one ally? Have you even attempted the achievement? If not, then don’t speak on it.

Im not worried about it. Its meant to take years. So i dont whine about minute things.

Yes, good luck finding 4 other people that will play it with you for years, when you’re getting 2 points per Horde wave and you need a total of 26,125 XP to get it. I’ve been going at this achievement with 4 other guys for the last month doing nothing but coop Vs AI in Guardian because it’s the fastest way, and it STILL feels like a hellish grind after 75+ hours. There is nobody who will ever get BFF legitimately, with the exception of pro players who play together 24/7, and even then it’s questionable if they ever will due to the tiny bit of XP you get playing Vs.

I mean i love your dedication. If you are a dedicated achievement hunter then you will do what is necessary. Not every achievement should be on your time table.

I dont care about achievements that much. I just dont believe that an achievement should be easy. It should actually be an achievement.

Caring about completing all Achievements is so XBOX 360. :roll_eyes:

I have very few friends who are willing to play the same game for years, me included

Then the achievement is not for you.

This comment invalidates every comment you made in this thread and any other thread about this achievement. You don’t care so we shouldn’t?

When someone cares about something their comments and feelings carry weight and not smelly air.