All you people so happy about Marcus nerf are really missing the point/big picture

I hardly ever played as Marcus. But I played a lot of games WITH a marcus player - usually I was Mac, COG, or more recently Paduk…

And all those games were a RIDICULOUS amount of fun, BECAUSE of Marcus. Those characters, on their own, are somewhere between “meh…” and “ok…”. Next to marcus they are great and a lot of fun to play!

Marcus was like an MG Sentry, where you also got free headshots and stim, when you were close to it. It made a number of other characters far better than they were on their own.

The problems were not with Marcus. The problems were with TC - they tuned rifle feedback so low that Marcus players, unless their cards were maxed and they were playing with a good team, coordinating, they had to go chase down every kill they could get their hands on, and kept screaming skip, skip…

That was player behavor, which was imposed by TC’s config/tuning choices…

The correct way to approach this was the OPPOSITE of what they did… Fine, lower the damage output, but greatly INCREASE rifle feedback… So Marcus could still keep his fire going, could keep providing his team with headshots, and stim, without needing to run around to hunt down every juvie and tracker, screaming SKIP every wave…

THAT was the way to go…

but they did the opposite!!! They lowed rife feedback even more!!! So now, rifle feedback is basically useless… MAYBE with it maxed, on Master, you’ll be able to get a wave of marcus headshots… But without those max cards, or on any lower diff level, Marcus’s ability to keep going beyond several seconds is GONE.

And with that, the ability to HELP THE OTHER CHARACTERS IS GONE TOO!!!

Funny, I see they ‘buffed’ some of those other characters… It’s possible they are doing that because they understand the above - but Mac’s bleed increase from 60 to 80 percent, and Paduk’s precision rifle perk - those are really not even close to being able to make up for the loss of the marcus ultimate…

THAT’S why I’m pissed off… Not because I play marcus… because I really enjoyed playing WITH Marcus…

Instead of supporting that coordinating play style, they just totally destroyed it…

Plus, that card is now useless. I don’t mean because you can’t keep the ultimate going for countless waves… No… At that level, that card will provide absolutely no noticeable benefit DURING waves, outside of highest levels of highest diff levels…

it’s like Grace’s bleed now - just set to 0 behind the scenes, to fight her glitches… they set this card to the equivalent of 0 now too… Whooo… your ultimate will get extended by 2 seconds… yeah, that’s worth upgrading a purple card…

just think about it - a special MG sentry, which gives you free headshots and stim when you are near it… Who WOULDN’T want that in their game??


If they keep doing their CREATIVE changes they would destroy the game and no one would buy any iron or care enough to griend to have SUPER MARIO COINS.

its pointless to max out the cards if they are going nerf everything on the game… I rather play Gears 3 for that matter. @Omen_LP


Maybe TC will hear you and buff everything instead of nerf

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I really hope so my friend @Piyi_Piyi that they could hear our message… since there’s no point playing a game that doesnt allow it to be fun for the customer or its not consistent on spending money or time with it.

as a side note I meant " nerf" instead of buff… my apologies. .

Agreed, all this change does is discourage cooperation even further. The proper course of action would be for the feedback to fill up from anyone doing damage with it. That way Marcus actually has an incentive to share LL with teammates.

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I have completely given up on maxing out and card hunting because of these changes to the game. I spent all of OP 1, 2 and 3 getting everyone to level 5 cards and now TC have made that pointless. Months were spent on Marcus and then TC decided to unecessarily buff because reasons. A once great character brought down by those who misunderstood his usefulness. He never needed to be buffed and it was a ■■■■■■■ move to buff him and now nerf him to make his ultimate useless. PVE is becoming less enjoyable with every update now.

They went the wrong way about this for sure. Reduce ultimate but get more kills and I guarantee you will be able to keep it going but it means you will need to kill everything and forget about the team. I for one will not be playing like this and if I join a lobby that expects me to do this then forget it im out. Since they wont revert Marcus to pre OP 4 then lessen dmg and increase feedback would be a better way to go because at least that way his ult is still useful and everyone benefits.

Also who the hell play tests this stuff? It seems the general population are better at this game than the TC employees who are in charge of changes because if they didn’t know about Marcus’ ult from the beginning then may the various gods help us when they come after the next character. Find the next “OP” character and play the hell out of it because by the end TC will have made this an unenjoyable experience and we will all be back in Gears of War 3 where I am starting to spend more of time.

Ok! thats my two cents … Go away.


TC clearly have not got a clue , they obviously listen to the nerf whiners and ignore fun


Didn’t you know? TC gets their ideas for character balancing from the “nerf everything” crowd that frequents these forums.

It’s pretty annoying that these whiners always seem to get their way.


Considering all the stupid overcomplications added to Gears 5 Horde that make it an annoying mess more often than not I’m starting to wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to stick to something simpler as a base like 3 or 4 Horde. I and a friend used to play loads of 4 Horde but we’re just disillusioned and not happy with 5s version because of how messy it is.

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The sad thing is that TC were moving forward with op4, apart from shafting the engineers .
I would say give engineers a max discount of 50% and forget perks for them.
Extend rifle feedback for Marcus but reduce damage.
Maybe extra 2 rounds for boomshot and drop shot.
Other than that leave game as it is

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I just did an asylum run on master with jack Marcus Fahz JD and del. Normally playing this map Jack forges weapons, he didn’t get time because of the “skip”. He became redundant and after 20 waves pretty much gave up playing.

I was del, built 20 or so fences and then also had nothing to do. It wasn’t even worth sitting on a tri shot because he was mopping up so fast I was lucky to do 40k damage. I barely had to repair anything. Didn’t need turrets and only repaired taps.

If anything he sucks the fun out of the game. There’s no way he’s not getting nerfed. He makes the game even easier than pre nerf JD did.

He’s getting a nerf based on being able to run multiple of the same class next OP. They already hinted at it, he was perfectly fine before OP4.


Marcus was broken as hell. No charecter should be able to have his ult up 10 waves in a row. Do you know how stupid OP that is? It’s insane

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Tough one to call because I remember during 4s life cycle people were calling for more classes so if we got the same version again would we be here again doing the same thing. My problem with Horde is they are just doing some painting here and there instead of changing Horde up. They can keep adding new classes, decouple classes, buffing, nerfing and weaken enemies but im still going through the same predictable enemies. All I know is 3 has more life to it because of the variety of enemies and thats something I think we can all get behind.

Edit: I once played for fun but now play to finish my achievements so once they are done I would imagine Horde would become untouchable.

I’m not calling for precisely the same as the previous modes but I found Gears 5 Horde to be far less enjoyable than 4s mode regardless of when I played it during 5s existing lifecycle. Perhaps custom lobbies and how TC basically did everything possible to kill off pub matchmaking with Survivor being the first thing active once you leave Beginner as the worst offender has contributed to that… but the entire perk system that is used to compensate for character flaws, the imbalances with weapons and characters that still persist even now and leave too much power in the hands of one character(cough Marcus cough) when everyone could be reasonably expected to contribute in Gears 4 Horde, how character’s power levels have mostly been turned down but enemies are still spongy, we now rely on Jack AND a Forge which, god knows how they did it, is even more of a chore than playing a Scout in 4s Horde, if we want a decently large amount of power at all, forts being squishy as heck(decoys and barriers mainly) and engineer discounts seeming to be less than in 4 as well, it all adds up to make it less fun and more frustrating.

If you’re asking where the paragraphs went… they got lost somewhere in the recounting of the many things above.

Edit : Oh yeah, and I can’t wait for the further merfs and ensuing mess and ruin that will be caused by having duplicates for all classes available. Cause that’s totally what we asked for.

I would have rather had his rifle feedback only charge his ultimate up to a full bar, and not extend for several minutes.

That way you can still keep it going for a full wave, but have to be judicious with your timing. Plus, you would have to work to earn it back, incentivizing the brutal efficiency card.

Basically, I think his ultimate should be easy to maintain, but only for one wave at a time.


Only 10 waves?

Someone doesn’t know to skip.

Or how to play Marcus…


I still don’t understand why people even want characters to be nerfed, you can literally start a private and tell people what characters YOU want, then if they don’t comply just kick it’s not hard

Just let people have their fun, they don’t go around screaming your main should get nerfed just because you know how to play your main effectively. If anything it’s a compliment


I suspect the nerf to Marcus was a temporary solution, they’ll probably buff him come OP5 with more cards (hopefully)

Marcus is one of the most boring classes because he does the exact same thing for 50 waves, has very few execution cards (even though his passive implies he should), has no team/synergy cards (say teammates in Living Legend do 30% or something more damage) so he just ends up being a really dull character in my opinion.

I didn’t think they would nerf him til OP5 so was kinda surprised that they would address him this early on, not surprised by the reaction either.

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Bro I just throw out a number. The point is it can go infinitely which is the huge problem, not to mention he has infinte clip size… It’s almost like your trying to irritate me. point being is it can go forever