All Tour of Duty General Rank Rewards - Were they worth it?

Do you think these exclusive rewards for completing the Tour of Duty for each Operation were worth it?.

Operation 1 Tour of Duty General Rank Reward - Team Rock Weapon Skins

Operation 2 Tour of Duty General Rank Reward - Blood Red Speaker

Operation 3 Tour of Duty General Rank Reward - Armored Ronin Kantus

Operation 4 Tour of Duty General Rank Reward - UIR Cosmonaut

Operation 5 Tour of Duty General Rank Reward - Lambent RAAM

Operation 6 Tour of Duty General Rank Reward - Blood Red Queen Reyna

Operation 7 Tour of Duty General Rank Reward - Regenerating Ukkon

Operation 8 Tour of Duty General Rank Reward - Trinity Vrol

Do you think these rewards are worthy of the General Rank in the Tour?.

Do you use any of these rewards?.

Do you care that these will remain exclusive and can no longer be obtained?.

Do you wish there were more Operations offering more exclusive rewards?.

Personally i think the Team Rock weapon skins are a waste for a General reward, very underwhelming.
I like Trinity Vrol a lot and it’s the skin i see myself using the most out of all of the rewards.
A lot of Locust/Swarm character rewards that primarily PvE players can’t use which i think is a huge oversight.
Overall i think they are cool rewards but nothing too special to be honest.

(Shoutout to my girlfriend also for playing enough PvE in Operation 6, 7 and 8 to unlock these rewards)


Weeb Kantus was definitely worth it. Very badass skin.


The only ones I found decent were Lambent RAAM and Blood Red Queen Reyna. So I’ll answer accordingly to them.

Yes, as it’s the mighty Locust General and the vessel of the glorious Queen Myrrah.

I enjoyed both for a while before returning to Queen Myrrah. I’ll occasionally use Lambent RAAM when I feel like it.

Not particularly, no. I enjoyed how riled up the Swarm/Locust being the General Rank reward got PvE players though, as if there’s not already enough damn COG characters.

No, I’ve already had my characters for a while so couldn’t care less.

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Do you not think they should’ve had a exclusive General reward character skin for Queen Myrrah?.

Think that’s a bit of a missed opportunity considering how important she was.

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Nope. Since 80% of them are practically worthless to PvE players which is half of the playerbase with 2 being colour palette swaps (Reyna and Speaker) The General awards should’ve been something for everyone, not 1 part of the games playerbase


Yes, I certainly do. It’s disgraceful how she was treated in this game, from changing her appearance to not correctly fixing all her voice expressions.

Here’s a reward to you for mentioning it: :cookie:.

A Blood Red Queen Myrrah would’ve been beautiful, or even a long-awaited “Royal Dress Queen Myrrah”. Basically her Gears 2 appearance albeit with some alterations to make it appropriate for multiplayer.


The only ones worth it tbh for me are the Kantus, cosmonaut, RAAM, and Vrol.

I dont get all the hype for the blood moon skins, I think they look terrible.

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Blood Moon? or Blood Red?. If you mean the Blood Red characters i kind of agree.

Surprised they didn’t do a Blood Red weapon skin set to be honest.

Blood red, sorry. But they are terrible skins. A waste of a general reward, they are much better suited to a store purchase.

I also do feel bad for pve players because a majority of the general skins were Swarm. I have no idea what TCs fascination was with only swarm general rewards but a good chunk of them were trash.

However, COG already has a big roster anyways, it always has had more characters than Swarm, and not to mention the drop 2 skins are like 75% COG.

Aside from the UIR Cosmonaut, all of them are pretty poor as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think I’ve ever used any of them except the Cosmonaut. I’m not a fan of these non-canon variants like the Ronin Kantus (when there’s been no evidence of an equivalent ancient Japanese-esque culture on Sera, and why on Sera would the Kantus decide to appropriate it?) This kind of stuff just seems really out of place for me. I can just about tolerate some of the seasonal events-themed ones like the Father Gearsman Marcus one, or the Easter Bunny Grenadier, but I prefer character skins to be canon or have some semblence of realism to it.

I suppose just to play Devil’s Advocate a bit, there would be a massive uproar if an actual popular canon-universe character skin was the General reward, like Commando Hoffman, or V-Day (a.k.a.: Sad) Dom. The General skins according to TC will never be available again as a way of rewarding players who played during those respective TOD’s at the time, and no doubt people who missed out will complain because they want it.

I’d have liked to see more jewel-themed skins like the ones from GOW4 (Ruby, Diamond, Emerald) - but include some new ones like Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst etc.

In retrospect maybe they should have included two character skins as the General reward - one human; and one Swarm/Locust.

I’ve used the BR Speaker in Arcade back when there was no way to counter the old Claw since it’s at least an upgrade to the default skin. Other than that I never bothered with any of them.

Guess that’s a good thing since no one is really missing out on these skins if they missed a ToD.

Haven’t used a single one of the General rewards. Partly because I don’t play any of the characters that got one nor like the Team Rock weapons, but also, and probably mostly, because the majority are PvP only.

Probably goes with it that I don’t really think any of them look that good anyway. Cosmonaut is decent but outside of that, eh.

No because they’re almost entirely useless for people who don’t play PvP.

They’re as worthy as any other skin IMO, not for aesthetic reasons, but for the novelty of being “exclusive” and what they represent.

I use the OP 1 and 2 rewards and Reyna once in a while.

I care and think it’s a good idea, otherwise the ToD is a pointless endeavor.

I do have all General rewards up to this point without trying because that’s how often I play, but I do recall putting effort in the first couple of tours.

I like prancing about with my Blood Red Speaker and Team Rock skins because I feel for various reasons at this point that they’re more exclusive than some of the other General rewards and so that makes me feel special.

Sure, but it’s very low on my Gears wishlist.

Team Rock looks decent and UIR Astronaut is also pretty cool. I wish I could have Team Rock in red in Horde, though.

The other rewards practically don’t exist since I only play PvE.

The Team Rock skins were nice when they came out.


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The other skins, coins and iron rewards made it worth it for me though.

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They aight. I use the UIR Cosmonaut fairly often, and Lambent RAAM & Trinity Vrol are actually pretty sick.
I also prefer Blood Red Speaker & Reyna to their default skins, so I’m fine with those. They’re uninspired, but they look nice. I don’t use them a ton, though.
Regen Ukkon & Ronin Kantus look cool, but I’ll probably never use them over their normal skins, tbh.
And I rarely like team weapon skins, so those were not worth it, no.

If I were to rank them, best to worst.

  • Cosmonaut
  • Lambent RAAM
  • Trinity Vrol
  • Red Reyna
  • Regen Ukkon
  • Red Speaker
  • Ronin Kantus
  • the weapon skins

So, worth it? I mean, somewhat.
I do play PvE more, but I also just kinda like the Locust/Swarm & having them for the sake of collection, I guess.

I think having both a Swarm & a COG skin for the General Reward would’ve been the optimal strat.

I use them proud! I really enjoyed finishing 100% of all TOD.
This game has something I do not like, but the character and weapons skins and the way to obtain them is not one of them

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