All threads about hate go to the top

Why is this? When someone posts a good thread showing something about the game, whether it be informative, constructive criticism, etc, etc. It barely has any attention compared to another thread that has a tile along the lines of “GEARS 5: WORST GAME EVER CREATED!”, which has people arguing, talking about it.

I just don’t get it. Every hate thread on this forum is getting blown up with views, comments, etc. It shouldn’t at all.
We’ve already heard/seen people whining about the game. We know it’s not the best Gears at launch, we know it has many problems, we know people don’t like the movement, we know the character selection sucks, we know the duplicate character situation shouldn’t have even been added, WE ALL GET THERE ARE ISSUES IN THIS GAME!

It’s like, I don’t mind people showing off clips of the game’s hit detection being trash, I find it funny, and relatable, but when I see 4 different people make 4 threads about the same issue… it NEEDS TO STOP! And I’m not the only other person to feel this way. I see others making threads that thankfully see the light of day, and make it to the top. Not that it helps, though. As someone just starts to crack their knuckles, and get to being a douch.e to the OP.

Now, I’m not saying this game shouldn’t have criticism, no, not at all. As I too know all these issues, and feel the pain that others feel. I’m just saying that I hate coming onto the forums to see what people are talking about, only to see the top section of the forums is filled with, you guessed it, more hate about the SAME. EXACT. ISSUES. There needs to be some leeway with these posts as well. Most of these hate threads give no credit to TC for anything at all.
You can’t just have a thread about RIPPING at TC’s throats, and not give them a direction to go for the future.

And since I know someone is going to say it, I understand I can just not come back to the forums, but that shouldn’t have to be the case. You should come onto the forum for information, meeting new people, grouping up, etc, etc. Not whining left/right.

Anyway, as a lot of other people have said. Stop living in the past. Whether you like it or not, Gears 5 is Gears 5.
You can’t just make Gears 5 into Gears 2, or Gears 3, or whatever Gears you think is better. If you hate it that much, go play that Gears. Plain and simple. Or better yet, go play Gears 4. Other than that, you’ll have to wait for updates. Not much else you can do about it, really. You complaining about the game everyday isn’t making it progress.

I love this Gears, honestly. The Escape mode is amazing for XP, it’s a new and different edition to the franchise.
It does need more characters in it, though. As everyone picks the same 4 characters over, and over again.

Oh, one more thing referring to the beginning of the posts, this is what the top page looked like a few of days ago.

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You forget complaining is what makes change happen litterally basically everything made is a product of people complaining dont like walking to the river- build a well dont like the cold-cloths dont like op lancer- forums. Also dont tell other people to go back to old gears games its a spit in the face they want something new with the same feeling plus it takes forever to find matches in those games


Gears 5 has a lot of issues , I wasn’t surprised about the amount of people complaining , as a matter of fact it should be way more now .


Issue is, TC doesn’t see the complaining as many people have said. So, if that’s the logic, more complaining just fills up the the forums with nonsense when people could fill it with CONSTRUCTIVE criticism for when that actually look.

That’s another thing, I’m not saying don’t complain, you need criticism to build off of your game, not just people saying the game is perfect because nothing can improve when people say something is perfect when in no way at all is it.
I’m saying that just ripping at TC’s throats doesn’t help. Especially when the entire forums is filled with it.
And if people hate the game so much, they can go play something else. It’s not a spit in the face, it’s the truth.
If you can’t stand the game, and HATE the movement, the character system, etc. etc. Then stop playing it lol. Simple.

I understand they want something new, and the game just came out so they want to enjoy it, but if all you get from playing this game is hate/rage, and you feel the need to spread your negative “criticism” on the forums when you know for a FACT many, many others have done the same so what you’re doing is redundant, but yet you still do it.
Then as I said before. Just. Stop. It will be fixed when it’s fixed. You can’t force it to be fixed.

And I’m not saying you’re wrong, because I don’t like the way some things are, but I still play the game because I like it. I can work around the issues. These people on the forums make it sound like the game is UNPLAYABLE in it’s current state, which you, others, and I can both say that it is very playable. Repetitive? Yes. Unplayable? Not at all.

These forums exist so that people can discuss the game, regardless of whether it’s in a positive or negative manner. And really, it’s not as bad as some people make it out to be. If those that are sick and tired of seeing these complaint threads at the top, stop engaging on them and let thread die.

Anyways, in a couple of months those type of threads will be few and far between, so in the mean time, just keep posting on the threads you think should have more engagement and let those that are disgruntled post in theirs.

I mean, true, but how can you get a good post to see the light of day if it’s buried with piles of vomit known as cancerous thread post that are spread like tumors nearly every hour?

If the game was good then this problem wouldn’t even exists so what you are saying in pointless.

You’re missing the point.

We all know the game has issues. Flooding the forums with the same issues over, and over, and over, and over again isn’t helping anything. They already know about these issues. They’ve been seeing them now everyday for however long they’ve been found. You’re kicking a dead horse posting the same thing when you know it’s not going to change. They will fix these things. No clue when, but look, they will fix them.

“Multiplayer is an Abomination” was my thread, if you had bothered to read it, you would have seen it was offering some input to what is wrong with multi-player. I even started the thread on a positive note of that the campaign was good and thanking TC for it. You may like the current state of multiplayer and that is fine however threads that may be at the top promote discussion and not just complaints. Within that thread people sounded off on what they thought was wrong with the game. I did not see anything grossly over the top and that is what forums are about. Burying our heads in the sand and not conversing on what the community feels about the experience is not constructive as player counts will eventually go down if people are not liking the game. Not saying all the ideas will work but again it’s a discussion and hopefully TC can find a middle ground to make a larger portion of the playerbase happy.


That’s the issue though. The threads have been flooding the forums for over a week, and nothing has been done. It’s horrible, but flooding it with even more hate isn’t really going speed the process up.

They have been closing them down for non-constructive reasons. What else is to it?! Go to their homes and beat the c* out of them for voicing their thoughts after spending @$100 on the game?! Before u say anything, understand I am just messing here because I have nothing better to do right now :smile:

Only a couple from what I’ve seen have been closed for non-constructive criticism.

And they can say whatever they want, really. I’d just like a little more job from the moderators side of things to moderate these threads.

Its not the past if there are still bugs and glitches in the game, boot licker.

I’m confused here. I never said this game was in the past… So, Im’ma hit you with an Uno reverse card, boot licker.

Even if you hadn’t you presumed I was talking about you. The shoe fit so you wore it. Therefore it is now a fact that you are a boot licker.

You post on a thread calling “someone” a boot licker, and it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, but your previous wording was about bugs and glitches, so I wonder who it was about then? Must be the Kool Aid man.

You’ve already confirmed my point that you are a boot licker. So there’s not much more for me to say.

Whatever you say, bud. Go do something better with your time.

Will do. Like creating the awareness that you call “complaining” when thousands of people pay $60+ for a game that is barely playable. Curse me for expecting a playable game after spending $80+

“Barely playable” Show me right now these game breaking bugs that make the game unplayable. Nothing from when the game launched, or a week ago. Now. Show me them. I want to see how this game is barely playable. As I’ve been playing 6 or more hours a day, every day for the last weekish or so, and I’ve been loving it.