All things Diamond for S3 and S4 will be announced next week

In case anyone missed the community stream yesterday, I will sum up the information given regarding diamond stuff.

Announcements about the following will be released next week (assuming Thursday in the What’s Up post):

  • Season 3 full house D5s reward
  • Season 3 Diamond 5 emblem reveal
  • Season 4 Diamond character reveal AND the associated challenges to get it
  • Season 3 skins rollout (unclear if this includes D5 emblem. also unclear if this means the weapons will actually start rolling out next week or if the announcement of when they will roll out is coming)

Season 3 skin rewards btw:



I can’t wait to see all the stuff I’ll never get :joy::+1:


If I recall correctly the Diamond skins for KotH weren’t even main weapons so I likely would never see them. Lol, dang it. :joy:

All I wanted was a Diamond Gnasher and Lancer but of course they weren’t offered in the mode I enjoy so I didn’t go for them. Oh well, maybe I play enough this season.

KOTH had a Snub at least lol. But yeah Lancer was Esc and Gnasher was TDM.

And for this season, you will get the Gnasher if you get Diamond in any mode. They have a new thing where Diamond in any mode gets you the same 5 weapon skins (Gnasher, Snub, Boltok, Marzka, Embar)

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It’s just hard for me to care anymore because the core experience is so inconsistent that I have to punish myself in order to play, haha.

*by core experience I don’t mean the actual playlists haha.

Yeah maybe give Execution a go tbh

Not really a fan of Execution. I don’t mind Escalation if I have a team though. Also, by core experience I mean the gameplay and lag down to its core in all modes. I guess it’s confusing because of these two tunings.

Oh yeah I misread your disclaimer at the end lol

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Same here, but for the diamond variant character is the Diamond dGuard (diamond variant of the Onyx Guard xD)

But anyway, I hope only very very small percentage or number of people get the rewards, the less the better because it should be truly exclusive which is enjoyed only by a few.

I want my diamond gnasher I think I waited long enough. Should be an auto obtain reward feature in game.

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You know, this comment comes off as if your self-entitled to it right?

But anyway, this season TC are improving the way reward skins are done in season 4.

This Season, we’re changing the way we do Ranked Weapon Skin rewards.

Previously, your placement in each playlist would determine per-playlist rewards. This Season, we’ll be making the system simpler by offering Rewards Skins for 5 weapons based on your overall highest Skill Placement. In Season 4, that skin set includes the Gnasher, Markza Mk.1, Longshot, Boltok and Snub!

While we love the challenge of the per playlist system, the rollout and length of time it takes to achieve isn’t up to the standards we’d like. By simplifying the system, our hope is to get rewards out to players MUCH faster after Season 4 – and potentially even making them claimable mid-season. We’ll keep you updated on that front as we get more info - Whats Up 17 May 2018

Which weapon did guardian reward in season 3?

I seriously don’t care as I want the diamond gnasher. Im not alone as people will generally say the same. I want my skins…

Yeah I think it’s a fair thing for you to say. You should feel entitled to it because you earned a reward that was set up by TC. It definitely sucks waiting 5-6 months for your fav skin. I agree. And yeah, hopefully later this season, they have the tech to be able to claim it during the season.

Markza, Hammerburst :slight_smile:


Well you’ll get the skin eventually, doesn’t matter how long it takes. Also diamond skin set doesn’t look that good to be honest because it doesn’t even resemble anything like a diamond or has like a diamond like pattern.

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Diamonds aren’t even rare in this world.

Gold is worth much more :+1:

So true. I want them to say I have them but I likely wouldn’t use them. There are so many other skins that look better.

Thanks. Very helpful information. Looking forward to my Onyx skins :slight_smile:

Yea I will be happy rocking my diamond gnasher. The skin that does not resemble a diamond. As it is proof for me that I did it solo, so I will happily use it.

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So If i got diamond last season in TDM, i will have the diamond gnasher this season? [4]