All the skins we received in the quests of the competition

So is it going to be a while before we all get our skins just looked and didn’t receive the one today on Sunday


animal skins will be here next title update and the skins from friday will be distributed within 2 weeks


I Assume I slept through this part of the stream but did they ever hand out blue animal skins?
I Was only able to receive red ones

The animal skins are TEAM animal…blue=cog/red=swarm

when is the next title update? Is it 1st October if so what time?

I’m guessing we receive emblem for purchasing spectators pass in the title update too?!

Yes its going to take a bit of a while to recieve our skins since they are doing manual


Thanks for helping did you say the next title update is today and what time if 1st October?

Up to two weeks.

There were tech issues causing the Quests not to load properly,and if logged in during this issue you will be awarded the skins. Please, allow up to two weeks to appear in game.

Will be closing now since the event is over.

Also the Animal Skin will be available on the next title update as per the Watch & Win article

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