All the playlist and things gears of war 5 NEEDS to have, custom lobbies, battle royale, pc:ms/kb.shotgun delays. hammerburst. xbox app. core/competitive gnasher. 1v1s,2v2s

Shotty snipes


Bring tactical game modes such as search and destroy and robbery in black ops 4 but obviously in a different and more unique way.

Make the game as epic as Fortnite and have tournaments on the PC like 1v1 shotties, and more…
(Disclaimer: By epic i mean make it like the hunger games, not childish and kiddie like fortnite infested by 6-15 years olds)

make the battle royal epic
like why cant i roadie run in other battle royal games that arent gears of war? makes no sense i love roadie running and the gnasher we need to experience this type of movement and mechanic battle royal style

make arcade 100 kills 50 kills is too little…

If you cant add so many playlists and are afraid of dividing the player base between the lists then add a custom lobby mechanism like back in halo 3 where we would not only create multiplayer maps in forge but were able to get ratings on them share them , up vote them , download them, and all these were fluid. dont let it become alot of loading and downloading like gta 5 which was a horrendous online experience and had no fluidity. even though the game was good, it didnt have the multiplayer fighting mechanism like gears 5 does which is so in tune and responsive to our real life senses. the loading screens were sooooooooo long in gta 5 when joing to fight in an open world againts 100s of people, or the plethora of different coop and PVP game modes that they had which kept the game super alive and interesting. but unfortunately the most painful part about that game all the loading, lack of fluidity, bad shooting mechanic, lack of seamless joining, ruined it… even though the game had other worldly replayable factors, it still was unbearable to play due to all the loading and slow and horrifying shooting mechanic that was no where near the extreme twitchiness of of our real life senses and reflexes…

Allow people to find and join the custom lobbies mid game and rate their funness and creativity as they join so it comes up on the ladder and other people know which ones to join and also control every aspect of its setting including removing all primary weapons except the shotgun. OR BEING ABLE TO INSTANTLY CHANGE ALL WEAPONS TO THE SNIPER OR SHOTGUN BEFORE A PRIVATE MATCH WHICH IS STILL MISSING IN GEARS 4

Escape is a good idea because what dayz lacks is the horrendous game mechanics thats ruining the game if there was an open world monster attacking game with this type of mechanics and amazing online experience… dont need to say no more… the cars in that game move slow character is slow everything is slow… if car and other game mechanics were as fast as gta but the shooting and fighting mechanics were gears of war and had a seamless hop in for a 100 man or more open world game like dayz… so we can constantly fight eachother in an open world like gta and dayz without having to worry about a circle closing in on us even if its a custom lobby would be amazing playing grounds to constantly train and jump in and work on stealth and with the option of having and NOTTT having a circle close… would be extremely fun training grounds and just playing grounds in general… had to emphasize not having a circle so much because i hate the circle sometimes… i spend so much time gathering loot and just wanna have people come at me in this huge world even if people are leaving and joining again its fine but id rather stay in there and really practice without having to be rushed by a circle… moving around… working on stealth… i really hate being rushed by the circle i just wanna have the option of not having it sometimes in these huge worlds… and my god if its gears of war movement and shooting mechanic would be unbelievable…

the pc allows real life movement through the mouse and kb to be seemlessly tracked to gears of war 4s amazing mechanics.

there are still delays in the shotgun such as coming off roadie running and hard aiming, up A-ing. the trigger doesnt instantly release the shotgun shells. make pulling the trigger to shoot cancel out any activity, such as up-aing, bouncing, hard aiming [(and initiating the hardaiming screen sequence)(make it cancel it out even mid sequence)],roadie running exit (theres a delay from roadie running to when you can shoot, why?.. my fingers always on the trigger)…

there are times where the game shows me shooting the gun and fire coming out but from the other persons perspective through the killcam there are zero traces of any of that…

bring back all the maps ive listed every one of them in another thread
dont keep remaking the same maps and calling it new, be creative and add architecture and design like epic games did back when they were making gears 1 -3. judgement maps were good too but the game mechanics were terrible…

bring back melee bouncing or remove the berserker character from gears of war because that is the true meaning of going beserk

stop changing the gnasher between game modes, core gnasher is the real gnasher because of the length of the shotguns barrel. a sawed off would the competitive shotguns distance. if you really want that distance just bring the sawed off and stop ruining the game… we know gears of war is a harder game than other games and people need lame weapons to fit in. i can handle these weapons fine just give it to them…

fix the hammerburst

allow to come up behind someone from the back and slice their throat execution style like an assassin which encourages stealth gameplay… similar to how you grab them from the front but also stealthy from the back and knife them. love the new knifing melee youve added to gears 5

allow us to climb and jump over things like in gears 1 rooftops had that one spot we had to climb to get into the middle and fight. the Assassin looking locust looks excelent to be able to climb and jump parkour assassin creed and prince of persia style around some rooftops AAAND be able to wall bounce… that would be cool and exciting gameplay

there are more points ill be adding to this thread

also make microsoft fix the finding party memebers and sharing content with friends easier, faster, less laggy, there are many missing features that i can list such as missing recent players, sending messages and invites directly from the person’s invite notification without having to add them.make it more like a facebook for gamers where we can upload images and content and also and keep intouch with our friends. the withdraw from group on the pc doesnt work sometimes in the new game bar. all said above problems occur in the new microsoft gamebar…

also dont separate xbox and pc because if a person was a true gamer enough they would just buy a pc. but for pc to have anyone to play with and the average person only being able to afford a console, well…that becomes the only way for PC players to have ANYONE to play with… we understand that gaming and its equipment is expensive but doesnt mean we should be banned from the rest of humanity just because we care about gaming more and are willing to cashout more for it… just remove the cross play turn off feature specially now that you have anti cheat too, and mouse and keyboard isnt an excuse anymore since its already on xbox through the tac pro and other third party hardware (too many to list)… people are already playing against them.

and for the love of god make the shotgun 8 shots… why are we forced to have to reload our gun more…

and also please stop all the console wars stuff let us all play together seriously…
#bringgearsofwarto ps4-5

Update## other problems in gears 5 added to this thread

  1. cant headshot someone while theyre running away with their backs turned

  2. analogue movement for pc is still not a thing PLEASE ADD THIS… create a analogue joystick for the pc THAT REGISTERS AS A PC DEVICE AND allows for analogue movement in gears of war or in any game, which is that reaaaaaaaly slow walk you get on the xbox that you can’t do on pc unless you play with the tac pro which inputs it self as a xbox controller and allows for that really slow walk but causes issues since its interfering with the mouse, interestingly it has a pc mode but when you switch to it… it doesn’t offer the reaaaaly slow movement anymore… please give a device that finally inputs itself as a pc device and is exactly like the tac pro because its perfect on my hand and more importantly allows for the WALK movement to occur without having to hold any extra button on the keyboard since its analogue now and not binary and catches the full spectrum of 0-100 degrees of movement speed… 0 being stationary and 100 meaning running at your characters full speed

Not only was that waaaayyy too long to read, you lost me with your PC Master Race crap.

As for the couple points I managed to skim, there is no difference in weapon tuning between Core and Competitive in Gears 5. Instead, aim assist is integrated in Core modes

Also, no, Gears doesn’t need a Battle Royale.


thats your opinion dude im stating facts doesnt matter if its too long too read its points that are justified and need to be made… if you dont want something just dont play it why are you stopping me from having it and enjoying it. are we gonna stop reading things that are too long to read now? not everything can be summerized but you have to go into details in things to make the developers understand… ive played this game a combined total of 10,000 hours and alot more video games i know what im talking about.

also not sure where you get information about the gnasher, but the gnasher CLEARLY has less range in competive the range is equivelant to a barrel of the sawed off shotgun, not the long freaking barrel thats actually on the gnasher…

Couldn’t even read this. People already complain Gears is more cartoony, and now you wanna add Fortnut and COD elements?


I’ve been on this forum a long time. Make a post that’s 20,000 letters deep. I have. Devs won’t blink an eye. This “make it detailed so they listen” crap doesn’t work. You can throw a lot of ■■■■ at the wall, at the end of the day. It’s still ■■■■.

That’s called lag mate.

The Beserker no longer exists because of the Imulsion countermeasure in Gears 3. And removing it from previous games is just, stupid.

Excellent feedback. Really know what is wrong with it based off this alone.

Most people on PC playing Gears are playing with the controller because it is better for movement in Gears.

Certain Xbox games don’t allow it either with M+KB, like Apex for example, because of the different advantages and drawbacks of playing on M+KB, with no crossplay. Only a handful allow it for this reason.

Like I said, he thinks saying a lot helps. But if all he says is incoherent ■■■■. It’s just incoherent ■■■■.


So you want gears 5 to have a dynamic matchmaking like other big shooting games? Yeah I’m all for it but there’s no chance. Most hardcore gears players are stuck in the stone age it seems, & the devs can’t even be bothered.

Gears 5. I said Gears 5. No difference in weapon tuning in Gears 5.

Regardless please be nice to the OP and not attack him.


Could we get a TLDR;? I want to read this, but currently don’t have it in me… :wink: :wink:

Alright alright.

Excuse my saltlord-iness

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thats called lag
me: ok fair enough, when can we expect 5ping from players/servers, also if a player shoots on his screen and clearly hears the shotgun sound, lag shouldnt have an effect anymore it should register regardless even after hes dead

whats wrong with the hammerburst
me:its slower, less accurate, has more spread… why… gears 4 hammerburst was tactical and excellent…

berserker and melee bouncing…
Me: i was being sarcastic about removing him, he was my favorite monster, and my playstyle in even gears 4 that he wasnt there resembled that monster and i always wished he was a playable online character. removing melee bouncing broke my heart…

me: it doesnt matter anymore first of all tactical gameplay can beat mouse and key board with the controller everytime if you keep distance from your opponent doesnt matter how fast he can rotate if you and your teammate tactically down him with the lancer or far away with the shotgun and move in for bouncing when you know for a fact you have him under your control. you can diffuse any so called advantage…
second: some of the third party hardware i know of doesnt need any permission to come and be used on gears or any game for that matter on the xbox and third, gears 5 allows third party ms/kb anyway on the xbox.

give the playlists or custom lobby options for the stone age gears players but also we want all these new things from gears too. stop being selfish and taking away from progressive technology… look at where the chilidish game fortnite is… that should be gears right now…

im sure the devs will listen to hardcore gears fans that have put so much money and hours into the game, they can check how much ive contributed and if they dont well that would be their loss…

all the points ive made are pure gold and its what i truly feel will make me enjoy the game more. its just adding content to a game youre not taking anything away from anything else but diversifying and adding a bigger player base and more options to your game. ive assessed every major successful game and giving you advise on what key technical elements they had that made them good and successful that you can incorporate in your game how is that in any way incoherent… if you dont like any addition to the game just dont play that playlist such as a battle royal its not like any playlist that you want is getting taken away from you. i would try to be more considerate to other peoples wants and needs and stop forcing them not to have something that they desire and are willing to pay money for so relax dude with your harsh tone of writing…

Pure gold writing…well, fools gold sure.

And people don’t want a Battle Royale mode because it A) takes up dev time and B) makes the game look bad and C) rewards will be locked behind the mode to encourage players to join it.

If you want it so badly, go play a different game, or maybe ask TC for a POP/Tactics style BR spinoff game that’s free to play. But don’t waste it on Gears 5, which already has some community problems without their images being destroyed for adding a pandering BR mode for the 12 year olds in the audience.

horribly thought out

you add more modes or variants and you add to matchmaking wait times. you split and segregate the community across far too many playlists and modes then you start having issues getting games.

might as well bring paid map packs back to split the playerbase even more while you’re at it.

both of you are wrong call of duty black ops 4 did fine with their plethora of different modes, i just cant stand the firstperson mode and the horrible game mechanics thats not gears of war but the games technicality and creativity is fine and always has players to play… and so does every other battle royal game, and speak for yourself 12 year old will wanna play it im 26 and im asking for it to be able to play. 12 years olds will come to a cartoonish looking game like fortnite. thats not gears of war it has dark moments and harsh graphics for adults. this is like the statement earlier saying controller is better for movement in gears of war, when i completely wreck pc and console alike with my bouncing and movement on kb/mouse.

regardless if you guys dont like something just dont play it, dont take it away from everyone else, leave the option there for everyone to enjoy…

and for the takes devs time comment, well im willing to pay money for my fair share for it , dont tell me to go play a less significant version of anything and not speak about something great i imagine in my mind that this game can become

Okay…that’s why I said…make a BATTLE ROYALE SPINOFF. Instead. So it doesn’t take away from the Gears 5 experience. Don’t pander based on what’s popular. Or Else Gears would have…oh no… they’re adding popular mechanics from other franchises! Dammit!

no ones saying that dude and if they do who cares they can just not play it, dont hurt the players that actually wanna play it ive been super excited for it