All the glory card

Why does all the glory card hurt teammates ? Always break my stim

Friendly fire is on

Brawler needs to smash everything.

…before getting downed out of teammates reach.


The clue is in the card’s name.

So selfish.


You meet a “regular brawler”, a marvel character :slightly_smiling_face:

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Strikers explosive card damages friendlies and so does Marksmans explosive headshot.

Just gotta be cognizant of friendly fire

Imagine having teammates like that hahaha couldn’t be me.

Well to be fair sometimes, if not most of the time, other players just get in the way. If I see a Cole tackling an enemy, the last thing I am going to do is go right next to him but the amount of times I have been tackling enemies away from my teammates only to find they have decided to try to kill my engaged drone or what ever and get splash damage as a result.

Not denying there are the dbag players who will kill their own team to win, but there are times it’s the other player’s fault lol.

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