All the bugs in gears 5. Are things being fixed? This post is irrelevant the game has been worked on and it’s A Lot better

Why do I still get all the bugs gears 5 has been having since operation 2 came out???
I really loved the game when it was operation 1. The new update to the game in operation 2 is like you went back to gears 4. I played gears 4 a lot but I got a lot of bugs all the time when I played it. Not to say I didn’t like gears 4, it was great and gears 5 was a awesome change. All the weapons were worth using. Now gears 5 is like gears 4.5. I Hope changes happen soon to make gears 5 GEARS 5.

Those are not bugs! Those are features! :smirk:

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No the games still broken right now shotgun doesnt work properley

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Classic Microsoft.

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It works exactly how TC wants it to work…

I remember in one of the earlier streams people were asking when they will “fix” the movement, and Dana made a big point of saying the movement was perfect, how they wanted it, and it wasn’t a problem to be “fixed”…

Fast forward few months and yes, they are trying to “fix” the movement, haha…

maybe in few more months they will 'fix" the 6 shot gnasher…

This post is irrelevant now because tc is working on the game and they keep on improving the game. It’s a lot and I mean A LOT better now