All store stuff up till now ($750)

Saw this online, what do you guys think?


I think that image might be missing a few items too, which makes it even worse!

The Chrome Steel Power Weapons aren’t there, and I coulda sworn that there was a second Matte set available too.

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Totally insane!
But with a little self control, it is very easy to not purchase .


Yep I don’t think I will put any money into Gears 5



I can’t speak for other players but this kind of practice just fills me with utter contempt for TC. The poor quality, the prices, the rip offs like releasing a Fahz fake crying emote and then releasing a single crying emote for all characters the following week, the fact that they are pushing such a large portion of customisation items into the store like this.


You are absolutely correct. It is shameful to take advantage of the young, those with adhd and the compulsive collector in this way. Can you imagine the tantrums being thrown!

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At least it doesn’t involve RNG! That stuff was crazy.


When the game first came out I bought Iron with some Microsoft Reward points that had almost expired, and I’m still waiting on something worthwhile to use them on (c’mon Clayton / Sam / Dizzy et al…)


I don’t think we’ll be getting any new characters in the store until a base version of that character is released first. Didn’t TC say that all characters will be earnable through gameplay (like the totem system) and character variant skins would be sold in the store (as well as some rewards)?

So for Dizzy, we’ll get the standard Dizzy skin via a totem, and say, Big Rig Dizzy will come after as a store item or a TOD reward.


It was maddening! But at least we could grind for credits. It’s just crazy that people could’ve dumped a mortgage payment into this game,


Oh, I’m certain that I’ll have given Gears 5 up LONG before anything I consider ‘worthwhile’ is available.

:frowning: don’t give up on the game, it’s still a great and fun game, it just sucks that this seems to be the new way to make money in gaming. Even if this is technically not a free to play, Which seems to be the way all games will be going, subscription-based.

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You can speak for me, I think the same thing. It’s greed for greeds sake, the store is way overpriced.


That’s a lot for sure but you don’t have to buy them all and probably 99% of us have not.

If enough people buy here and there then that’s enough for TC to sustain the game with updates and more content etc. So can’t see what the big deal is here.

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Looking at how things are going for GOW5, it may turn out to be very ironic for TC. They hold back lots of material and are dripfeeding it to fans over time, but the game may be dead long before they get a chance to release all of it.


It’s lots of things really.

Poor quality of skins. I gather that quality is a subjective term, but even so…

Poor pricing.

Poor decisions around certain items like executions and Emotes which are originally released for a specific character but then appear as an all-encompassing one for all characters (the fake crying emote for Fahz). Or re-releasing existing executions but can be performed with a different weapon.

Microtransactions can be done alot better than this. I’ve bought things before so to be frank I have contributed to this situation myself. I think most fans just feel it’s poor value for money, which is what I’m feeling right now

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It’s just a poor value, it’s not like you invested in something that’s going to gain in value,
Like buying a vintage comic or coin collecting.
I would equate it to drinking. Sure it’s fun but it doesn’t last very long with very little return.

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What do you expect from a dev that sold reskinned launch maps as part of a season pass!?! For me, that’s a mark against TC that they will struggle to ever remove.

At least with this direct pay model, we know who to laugh at in-game.

Who cares? Just don’t buy them if they aren’t worth your money and earn Team Rock instead.


Please stop defending this…

They should be making money off sales & game pass subs. By releasing a quality product with good amount of content. Then add some extra dlc for reasonable price.

What they are doing is just greed and not good for consumers.