All some one has to do is make sure their pung is over 80 and just compulsively wall bounce

And then they are pretty much indestructible, i have at least 1k clips of video footage showing characters of 60 pinhg and over who dont need to aim to get kills moving around on the board like chess pieces why cant there be e thread where some one from the coalition actually talks to the pkayers and explains to every one why they refuse to fix the mile long list of issues with this game, if a product doesnt work properly it shouldnt be legal to sell to the public

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This might help and do take a real look at this thread and TC did answer this thread after a long drawn out conversation between players. Fairly sure it covers what you are posting about also understand the game is at the end or has passed its life cycle so what you are asking to be fixed will more than likely be left as is and be (possibly) fixed in Gears of War 5.