All opponents 150-200ms in FFA with low ping setting

As title.
Every opponent in every single game of free for all has 150-200ms ping and I have the low pings setting selected.

I have either 1ms or 12 depending on which European server I’m on.

The ratio of my ping to there’s makes it even worse, if I’m on 1ms it’s even worse than 12 ms.

Will TC ever ban these ping cheaters or actually make their low pings setting work.

I would rather search for an hour and find a game where the average ping is 30ms.

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Ping cheating isn’t a thing to start off with. Secondly having the low ping setting selected doesn’t guarantee you will get into a low ping match. It’s more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule. Gears 5 doesn’t exactly have a massive playerbase right now. So when you’re matchmaking, it will try and fulfill your preferences. But if it can’t, it will put you into whatever game is available for the mode you’ve selected. If the matchmaking system was forced to find a low ping match and not let you into a high ping match, you’d be sitting in queue for hours, possibly days.

In order for you to get a low ping match, you’d need to be connecting to servers in your region (Europe in this case) if there’s not a lot of Europeans online playing when you’re searching for a match (let alone enough people in your specific gamemode), it will put you into whatever match it can.

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  • The low ping matchmaking only applies to you, not the others.

  • Ping cheaters are those who intentionally make their connections unstable, that means going 1-70 all the time but no one on their right mind would intentionally play on 200 ping (with a stable connection), it plays quite bad.

  • Would you rather wait an hour? you sure? you must be new to G5 then.

During OP2 the matchmaking for low populated regions (as in everywhere not in North America) was so bad that matchmaking placed you against the same people over and over, or you would wait forever. With OP3 they created the low ping / faster matchmaking option, enabling players from low populated regions to find matches quicker, the problem of course is the ping but there is little TC can do about it.

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I’m from the UK and 9 times out of 10 my ping in FFA is 150+. Really wish it was lower as the game just plays awful like that.

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Thank you Captain obvious, for essentially repeating what I said and stating everything everyone already knows.

Then why are you whining and moaning on the forums about things that you claim to already know? lmao

Edit: I got a promotion. It’s Lieutenant Colonel Obvious.


@SnubbS please talk to this guy

You live in Europe which a dead region, you’re lucky that the game is even giving you lobbies where it’s on your server and not the US/Mexico server. These people aren’t cheating, they live Mexico — they all have basically the same ping because they’re equally far away from you, they’re not cheating — ironically TC is cheating them. By giving you the server and making you the only two digit ping in the lobby, they’re ruining the experience for the other 7 players and giving you the chance to run amok.

You wouldn’t wait for 30 minutes either, you’d just never find a match at all, especially if you’re in Master.

I really don’t wanna stand by OP after his last statement but he’s not wrong about one thing. That thing is that FFA specifically has an issue where its placing you with extremely high pings, aswell as yourself.

I NEVER have this issue with any other public playlist. TDM? 15-60 ping. KOTH? 15-60 ping. 2v2? 15-60 ping. FFA? 150ping+ for everyone in the entire lobby. By the information given above does that mean FFA is the least populated playlist because I’m not making this up when I say I only see my ping jump that high in that playlist lol.

This was true for me up till recently. Played Koth the other night and 3 out of 4 games the entire lobby was above 100 ping.

I’d like to play more FFA but I can’t stand playing it these days. I’m in east coast USA and I notice high pings all the time in the lobby. Like everyone 150 plus. FFA matches tend to be laggy . More so than any other mode I find. Due to this inconsistency I just stopped playing FFA altogether.

Wonder why OP just doesn’t take off low ping setting so he can get into the US servers? If having a high ping is so good, having low ping is so bad — surely he’d be trying to play on US/Mexico, right?

I need to be in these lobbies — I’ve been trying to record myself playing on the brazil/eu/asia servers but it’s so hard to get on them.

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